Charlie’s Classic Cocktails

By Jack Dignum Wednesday 14th Jul, 2021

It’s been very well documented on this blog that we love making cocktails. Whether it’s for our dinner party guests, or a comforting tipple after a long day in the city, the Dapper Chapper team is no stranger to making a delicious cocktail or two.

But, I’ll admit, it’s sometimes nicer to have my drink made for me, rather than attempting to be the next Alessandro Palazzi. Thankfully Charlie’s Classic Cocktails came onto our radar towards the end of last year. Charlie Bolton – the founder of this premium cocktail delivery service – sat down with me so I could find out a little bit more about him, the cocktails he offers, and of course give them a try…

From sips in the city, to countrywide cocktails

“I’ve served many of London’s most discerning clientele in areas such as Mayfair, Islington and Fitzrovia,” explains Charlie. “Customers in those locations are busy people and know exactly what they want. From restaurants to bars, my time there (in the city of London) has taught me not only about the right balance of ingredients, but which cocktails are consistently timeless.”

He adds: “I want to offer high-end classic cocktails to have at home, which can be served in the most effortless way possible.”

On Charlie’s website, there are a selection of ‘cocktail collections’, offering from four to six cocktails in each box. I went for the Curated Collection Gift Box: Saturday evening set. This included: 1 Vodka Martini; 1 Old Fashioned; 1 Negroni; and 1 Rusty Nail. There are a few other versions of the Curated Collection Gift Box, so if the drinks I just mentioned aren’t to your liking, there’s more options that should take your fancy. And they even. Come with a spritz spray of lemon or orange for that finishing touch.

I’ll tell you what I thought of the drinks later, but it’s worth noting the following, too. As well as the Curated Collections of the four mixed drinks, Charlie’s also offers perfect pairs and four of a kind boxes. All of which are easily delivered to you – in a very speedy fashion I must add – wherever you may be across the country.

More than just a cocktail

Charlie, from the outset, has had his green head on his shoulders: “Our ethos is to provide luxury sustainably, without asking the customer to compromise with their purchasing decision,” he explains. “Glass bottles have the advantage of being elegant and, aside from obvious accidental damage, will last an incredibly long time if cared for. When recycling though, they require a lot more energy to break down than comparable containers such as some plastics. 

“Our Bottle Reuse Project enables us to provide beautiful, luxury packaging to our customers without resorting to single use glass,” continues Charlie. “We both allow customers to mail bottles back to us, free of charge, at their convenience for us to re-bottle, and also promote our customers re-using the bottles for other purposes through our social media channels, such as making homemade oils and dressings. We are very proud of this as it allows us to not just offset the environmental impact of glass, but has started a creative community movement with our customers.”

So how do they taste?

I got to spend some time recently with my immediate family – something I (and many of us) haven’t been able to do for a while. That said, it was even more of a pleasure to be able to serve up these cocktails, perfectly chilled, ready to go – for us all to enjoy.

Each cocktail was flavoursome and enjoyable. We couldn’t help but sample each other’s drinks, but I did try clasping on to the Old Fashioned which partnered perfectly with my Trinidad Reyes cigar. The orange and lemon spritz sprays heighten their designated cocktail’s aroma, without being overpowering.

I really like the idea of these cocktails coming out with me on a picnic, or even as a gift for a friend on a special occasion. I feel these would be great for weddings and anniversaries too, especially with the new Six Bottle Luxury Gift Set complete with a bespoke presentation box.

Starting from £40