Inchmoan Peated Malt Scotch Review

By Joe Burns Monday 15th Jan, 2018
Inchmoan from Loch Lomond Whiskies is a single malt with some interesting characteristics thanks to the unique bottling distillery it comes from.

Loch Lomond Whiskies based in a beautiful part of the highlands of Scotland have been family run and distilling and blending whiskies for many years now. 

What makes their setup unique though if the presence of no less than 7 stills on site – 2 traditional potstills, 1 coffey still for grain whisky and 4 Lomond stills (coincidental name), altogether producing 8 different single malt whiskies of varying peatiness. 

This means Loch Lomond have no need to rely on single malts from neighbouring distillery’s to create their blends, they can do everything in house with full control. 

Using the pure local water and choice ingredients matured in oak barrels, their single malts are of great drinkable quality before and after blending. 

Inchmoan is the 3rd peatiest of their single malts and is an interesting pleasure to drink. The bottle is traditional, exhibiting the deep amber colour of the whisky inside and altogether housed in a complimenting pleasantly designed maroon coloured box with gold detailing. It certainly wins our approval in the aesthetics department. 

Over the 12 year maturing process the whisky has been recasked in high quality American oak (most likely with the change in ownership in 2014), and that appears to have worked wonders. A sweet and spicy body with a strong characteristic of smokey peat is complimented with a bold earthy aroma and colour that grabs immediate attention.

A bottle can be picked up for under £45 for 70cl online.