Sherlock & Sons’ gin by Distillers of Surrey

By Adam Tuesday 1st Jun, 2021

Distillers of Surrey is a charming family company. Founded to make small-batch editions of gin, while being anchored by an uncompromisable attention to detail. Head Distiller Simon Sherlock and wife Lianne focus on making three types: The Aromatic; The Nautical; and The Solstice. All of which are a nod to their three young boys, hence the name ‘Sherlock & Sons’ for the collective of the editions.

‘Sherlock & Sons’ are made from the most premium, locally sourced botanicals, while ensuring every bottle is filled, labelled and sealed by hand; the label designers are homegrown UK talent, too.

I’ve got myself a bottle of the Solstice. Partly as this was advised by the owners, but mainly as I think it’s a fitting drink to savour while dancing to the sun gods: It’s about time we had some summer weather, don’t you?

The taste test

It’s said you taste with your eyes first and this couldn’t be more accurate; this bottle is incredibly handsome with its weighty body and sharp lines like a bespoke suit. It’s then wrapped in its pink waistcoat label, with an embossed floral and juniper design for even more character.

As always with my gin, I like to start by tasting it neat. There’s the instant hit of the traditional juniper body, before hum of floral elderflower takes over. The Solstice sits at a mild 42% ABV and is made up of eight skilfully balanced botanicals, all of which are inspired by the English summer. After adding some ice and tonic, I then hit the drink with a twist of lemon, which in turn highlights the grapefruit notes. 

This really is a refreshing drink and one that certainly evokes those long summer evenings in the garden. So now that I’ve found the Solstice, I don’t mind waiting that little bit longer for some sunshine.

‘Sherlock & Sons’ The Solstice edition is a triumph. I can’t wait to try the rest of the collection.

You can pick up a bottle from Distillers of Surrey, right here.

70cl £35