Three Gin’s To This in February

By Adam Saturday 26th Jan, 2019

Did you do Dry for January this year? Personally, I didn’t make it past day two, so to those who are still on course I applaud you.

Whether you’re on or off the liquor at the moment, I think we’ll all need a drink when February hits so below are some of pointers of what we think are worthing trying next month.

Gin is still very much in for 2019 and here are three that may have slipped under your radar last year that we like.

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin

Jaisalmer takes its name from the historic city of the same name, located in the North West of India. Master distiller Anup Barik has created a gin that boasts flavours of India, in fact seven of the eleven botanicals sourced from India including cubeb pepper berries and lemongrass from the south, Darjeeling green tea leaves from eastern India and lemon peel from the west of the country.

The frosted black bottle will look good on the bar. Touches of raised gold on the label, adds a regal feel. This Indian Craft gin is fragrant and citrusy and is something entirely different to what you may be used to!

Tonic garnish: Orange Peel

Berkeley Square Gin

Berkeley Square have produced perhaps the most luxurious looking bottle on the market and we’re pleased to say the gin is good too.

Again, this gin boasts some interesting and unique botanicals including kaffir lime leaves, lavender, sage and basil that are delicately hand-wrapped in a muslin cloth, before steeping the clothed parcel in the base spirit for 48 hours to infuse and impart the herbal flavours and essential oils.

 Tonic garnish: Basil Leaf

Caorunn Gin

Caorunn is distilled in the Balmenach Distillery which was actually one of the first in Scotland to be licensed in the production of Scotch whisky and is located in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands.

The gin itself includes the likely botanical such as juniper, coriander, lemon and orange peel and Angelica root but also draws upon its Scottish roots with the addition of dandelion, rowan berry and coul blush apple – botanicals that are quite unique to this gin.

The result is a delicious crisp, clean gin.

Tonic garnish: Slice of red apple