Blacks Burgers

By Joe Burns Wednesday 24th Feb, 2016

1 Waterloo Rd, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8AS

We all know the feeling. When you have that craving, that need for a decent hunk of meat in bun, with all those perfect sides to accompany it, nothing else will do. So you can only imagine my delight when my foodie partner and I got the chance to visit Blacks Burgers in Epsom for a proper gut-bash.

Whilst it was freezing outside, the restaurant was warm and buzzing with a vibrant and busy atmosphere. I couldn’t help but think these guys must be doing something right, and it turns out, they definitely are.

Our very enthusiastic and passionate waiter, Josh, showed us to a booth overlooking the kitchen, where it was all going off double quick. Seeing some of the amazing creations come out only made our excitement grow!

So this is how it works: first we chose our burger, beef chicken or veggie. Every day, the meat arrives and is seasoned and pressed into burgers on site, go for the chicken option and that can be breaded on site too. We opted for the beef, which is cooked medium, perfect.

Next, we chose our style from a choice of 13. We went for the BBQ and the Yippee. The first of which features homemade pulled pork, slow-cooked for 6 hours on site, and I can confidently say, trumps anything you’ve had before, this is the real deal!

Add any of the 22 toppings you like, and any of the 15 sides, chuck in some dips, and you’ve got yourself a feast. We added caramelised onions, bacon and cheese fries and pulled pork fries – you just can’t get enough of that pulled pork flavour.

What do you drink to help get that down? Obviously you go for an alcoholic milkshake, or “Hardshake” – how many great ideas can come out of one place? The White Mint Mojito will feature heavily in my 2016 summer.


Lastly, to top off this night of decadence, we were invited to try some of the “Filfpots” – these are hand-crafted milkshakes loaded with cream and amazing extras. Once again, things aren’t run of the mill here. Blacks Burgers make their very own gelato, which is a more flavourful, richer and thicker variety of ice cream.

The Salty Caramel Crunch and the Nut’s n Nanas Filfpots were stacked in front of us. Never has there been a time when I’ve been so convinced I had a second stomach for desert. It was a challenge, but easily the most enjoyable one to date.

Blacks Burgers can now be found in Epsom, Purley and Horley, and they’ve also ventured into the catering business, so you just might be lucky enough to find the Blacks Express Bus parked up at a festival or special event soon.

It’s clear that Blacks Burgers are very passionate about cooking fresh food, using their own methods, with their own ingredients. The team clearly have fun with it too, and altogether, this tells me one thing – I will certainly be a new regular.


Photo credit: Joe Burns Dapper Chapper Photography