Hemsley + Hemsley Cafe, Selfridges Review

By Joe Burns Wednesday 20th Sep, 2017

If like me, you’ve over indulged a few too many times over this summer, you may just appreciate a healthy kick-start to a better you.

We all know that eating right can pave the way for a focused, happy and confident life, so it’s no wonder that the Hemsley sisters have built a huge following and successful careers off the back of creating and cooking healthy meals and drinks.

With their cookbooks and online recipes, it’s easy to get inspired by great looking, wholesome food, but sometimes you just need someone else to do the heavy lifting. The Hemsley + Hemsley Cafe on the 3rd Floor of Selfridges does just that, and Adam and I were invited to try their offerings.

The blueberry pancakes made with coconut flour with maple butter, mint and blueberries were a good reminder of a guilty pleasure. The quinoa courgette toast with feta, avocado tomato and egg was enjoyable. Quinoa courgette toast, I’d say, is for those converted to the healthy style of eating, and if you are, you’ll know that you’ll end up leaving feeling great.

The smoothies and hot drinks we tried we delicious, with the Matcha Latte being our choice of the bunch.

The girls have done a fantastic job with the branding with the venues vibrancy hitting you as soon as you arrive. As you’d expect in selfridges, the service was impeccable.

There’s no denying that this food is designed for those with at least some good experience of such alternative, healthy ingredients, and if you are, you’ll love it here.

Find out more at : http://www.hemsleyandhemsley.com