Rake’s Cafe Opens at The ANdAZ

By Adam Thursday 14th Jun, 2018

Rake’s Cafe Bar

40 Liverpool Street, London, England, EC2M 7QN

London is a city that rarely sleeps, and who can blame its hustling and bustling inhabitants who are forever on the move, when the city is adorned with an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, cafes, pergolas, nightclubs etc etc. It really is a playground for anyone and everyone.

Although this amazing array of bars and eateries are unique by name, that may not be the case by nature. How many do you enter and feel a totally new and surprising experience..? My guess is not all that many.

If that’s the case then Rake’s Cafe is certainly a place for you, and somewhere I’d recommend to any Dapper Chapper, due to it sensationally and tastefully bucking the trend of London venues. 

Rake’s Cafe is loosely built on the work of renowned English painter, William Hogarth – more specifically, his Eight part series, A Rake’s Progress. This fictitious series focuses on a man called Tom Rakewell, who is fortunate enough to inherit a vast amount of money from his father, which soon leads him down a road of vice and destruction.

A minor sidenote: For those of you who aren’t aware, a Rake in historical context, was short for rakewell A.K.A. a hell raiser who was habituated to immoral conduct. (You learn something new every day).

Anyway, Rake’s has built its foundations on a modernised approach to a Rake’s Progress, adorning their interior walls with contemporary versions of Hogarth’s artwork, which openly encourage ‘raisehell’ behaviour.

‘There is no formality, No rules.’

So what can you expect to find in this peculiar venue?

Rake’s plays host to three unique spaces that each contain a touch of ambiguity.

The Front Room: Cafe, bar area that is home to various DJs and is wonderful for grabbing a drink and bite to eat. 

The Parlour: The Lounge area, which acts as an idyllic escape from the city, dressed with comfortable furniture and chilled vibes. 

The Secret Room: Perfect for private parties…

The diverse interior, designed by Russell Sage Studios, is extremely impressive and possesses a well-balanced contemporary touch, which successfully brings the Rake’s Progress into the 21st Century.

Whether it’s breakfast (sit-in or to-go), brunch, afternoon light bites or innovative cocktails, this place will deliver them in a way that will surprise even the most travelled faces amongst the London social scene.

Forget about the rules and regulations of everyday life within a metropolis and indulge in an environment where formality and rules go out of the window.

We’ll be covering the Rake’s Cafe across the next few months and look forward to sharing more.