By Michelle Connolly Friday 3rd Oct, 2014


15-17 Broadwick St,



020 7494 8888
One of the finest dining experiences for the best money I’ve ever been to. That’s a sentence I was pretty surprised to write for any restaurant. You don’t really expect to find such a gem. Everything about Yauatcha – from the delightful hostesses to the attentive waiting staff, and the ever-present and utterly charming floor manager – we felt so cared for and looked after that by the time we left we were floating on air.
It was a good sign that as we approached my friend was drawn to the vibrant display of elegant desserts and macaroons displayed in the window like a moth to a flame. “When we finish lunch, we have to come here and try a macaroon” she exclaimed, as I explained that this was actually our venue for the afternoon. She was right to look so saucer-eyed, I’m not a ‘macaroon person’ and yet found myself delighting in them after our meal – they were, quite simply, lush. Even LadurĂ©e might have some competition.

Upon entering our hostesses were graceful and showed us to our table immediately, pointing out the 10th anniversary of the restaurant with an ingrained pride that each staff member seems to possess. After a quick glance at the menu, we decided to leave our fate in Carmen’s hands, and her smart questioning left us with a fantastically curated personal menu catering to our hunger level (starving) and allergies. The in-house sommelier paired the wine brilliantly – topping up our glasses at intervals throughout the meal with barely a whisper – alongside a team of swift and quiet bussers and waitresses.

Beginning with delicious speciality dumplings, they were tender and moist, with perfectly cooked seafood and served with generous amounts of sauces and dips. My personal favourite were the prawn, but scallop came a very close second. After a little time to digest, which was much appreciated, the delicious second course of black bean stir fry and Singapore noodles for two were served with neat movements to gently load our plates. Although this kind of service can sometimes seem overbearing, they have got it spot on here. Plates cleared once again and the surprise course (which I spoiled for you earlier) of macaroons were delivered with delicate illustrations hand painted onto each one for the 10th birthday. After deftly splitting the three, one more fantastic dessert arrived, with sweet caramel and roasted pumpkin, cinnamon and crunchy meringues baked into an adorable cupcake. It tasted like autumn on a plate.

Between the stunning food and service I haven’t even got around to mentioning the decor – polished dark hardwood furniture, gleaming white and glass tables all offset with a rich royal blue hue used throughout. It felt modern but accessible – tables were neat, small enough for an intimate dinner discussion but with enough space for privacy. Accented stainless steel touches added detail to the more sleek surfaces. Although this could have come off as cold, the atmosphere inside and the attention of the waiting staff made it anything but.

We left absolutely fit to burst, and totally delighted with everything that afternoon. I can’t rate it highly enough, perfect for a romantic meal or a special occasion with friends to share some dumplings and wine, I will be back very soon – and so should you be.