British Vintage Boxing

By Adam Thursday 18th Mar, 2021
From the noble art comes a noble style; a nod to how men both looked and carried themselves yesteryear, built on the foundations of courage, integrity and honesty.
British Vintage Boxing until recently was a new one on us and a brand built around the values of the working man translated into hardwearing and naturally stylish pieces that, simply can be worn by anyone.
Not just ‘another’ boxing inspired brand, but motivated by the DNA of the fighter and trainer, BVB harks back to the effortless and natural style of the day both in and out of the ring, namely that of Sir Henry Cooper back in the early 1960s.
“We wanted to create a premium sportswear brand we felt boxing deserved, more elevated then anything we saw on the market – more reflective of the noble art,” says founder Zen Martinoli.  “Everything began with Cooper, his effortless style during the early part of his career; his integrity, geniality and courage in the ring, he embodied everything we wanted.
Born from the combination of both passions and experiences that have come-together to give customers and their community what they see today, BVB has a natural affinity with an organic retro style that captures the atmosphere of yesteryear; blending perfectly with a passion for old school boxing spanning the last Century.
“BVB stands for brotherhood, respect, honour and integrity. To fight the good fight in whatever you do – without being exclusive to boxing or boxers,” adds Martinoli  “BVB is for all ‘everyday champions’ in all walks of life. We’re fuelled by the desire to bring this message to the market, expressed through the narrative of stylish, authentic, made-to-last staples.”

BVB also takes inspiration from the late 80’s when style was leaning back on the simple retro aesthetics of the 1950’s with white T-shirts, distressed denim and Harringtons, and when boxing was at a global peek with names such as Mike Tyson and Julio Ceaser Chavez shining a light on the sport with homegrown talent also pushing through via the likes of Nigel Benn, Barry McGuigan and of course Frank Bruno.

“We wanted to strike a balance in retaining the utilitarian nature of sportswear but at the same time provide a sartorial style alternative,” says Martinoli “The challenge was trying to retain our vintage roots while accommodating a modern audience. Our first attempt was pure in it’s style references to early generation sweats, however we now understand we may have to sneak some zips in going forward!”
Today we see a typically British label, with military look and feel, but crafted for uncompromising fit and quality and with a very natural style at it’s core. Where old school boxing gym meets sartorial crossover into an affordable luxury casual wear, capturing the demeanour and tailored style of the much-loved Henry Cooper during his 1960’s heyday, whose form in and outside of the ring still motivates the brand today.
Open to all and exclusive to none. BVB is  about meeting challenges in life and doing the very best you can with heart, passion and of course style. Visit to see the latest releases including the grey Queensbury sweatshirt pictured.