The Dapper Chapper Style Bible: 10 Brands to Get You Through 2018

By Adam Tuesday 6th Mar, 2018

Gents, we all have that friend, restaurant or book we know always delivers; they’re our go-to’s and thus often our favourites.

Well, we’ve collated a very handy list of brands that are our go-to’s and we want to share them with you – we’re paying it forward and hope you chappers reap the rewards!

Spring : Suitsupply

The mornings are lighter, as are the evenings, and so are the layers. The dreaded cold weather, which almost certainly overstayed its welcome has gone and one can dress in more lightweight materials and brighter colours.

We like to think of this season as B-Cubed: Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Bright.

Suitsupply never fail to deliver a fantastic spring range, featuring brilliantly balanced linen suits, padded vests, which offer the perfect over or under layer for Spring, and an extensive range of premium knitwear, which looks fantastics on it’s own or as an accompaniment to tailoring. The colours are also spot on and their pastel palate is perfect for a Spring day.

One final point; whether you’re au fait with cropped trousers or looking to dip your toe in the water, Suit Supply are the Postmen when it comes to these; they always deliver.

Summer : Orlebar Brown

I know right now it may be difficult, but try to imagine yourself on a sun lounger, somewhere on the Amalfi Coast, Aperol in one hand, your choice of reading material in the other. In this situation, Orlebar Brown is your best friend.

Their iconic print swim shorts, showcasing renowned natural scenes from across the globe, ensure you’re at the peak of the style spectrum during the summer months. What’s more, their epic range of polos and shirts, made from a number of different materials, are extremely diverse and can be worn at any time of the day.

Autumn : Private White V.C

We love a brand that is a genuine advocate for British textiles and local industry. Private V.C. use their British Heritage as a rudder for design and production, and wow does it work.

Authentic, refined garments that are built to last – what more could you ask for in Autumn?

From their epic outerwear to premium quality knitwear, this is the perfect brand to accompany you when the leaves change from green to orange.

Winter : Crombie

Where do we begin? How about by saying that these chappers make the finest overcoats in the world and if there’s one staple you need during the Winter season, it’s a robust and stylish overcoat.

Sir Winston Churchill, The Beatles, Cary Grant…three iconic names who were all known to enjoy the products of this archetypal British brand. Crombie produce timeless classics of the highest quality…they’re after our own heart.

Night Time: New & Lingwood

After a long working day with your top button remaining tightly fastened throughout, it’s no wonder many chappers simply want to chuck on some mediocre pj’s and dive into bed; but old boy, that’s frightfully unattractive.

Be the exception.

A strong nightwear game is what separates the wheat from the chaff and New & Lingwood offer the most elegant of night time apparel for contemporary gents. From classic cotton pyjamas to sumptuous silk gowns and velvet evening slippers, you can rest easy knowing you’ve ended your day with style, and judging by some blokes’ pyjamas, with dignity too.

Occasions: Clements and Church

We all know how difficult it is to nail an outfit for a special occasion; whether you’re on wedding duty, attending an exclusive event or simply dressing to impress (and we mean really impress), Clements and Church provide a wonderful bespoke tailoring service that will cater for your every need.

These Chappers have dressed us for everything from our own editors wedding (Groom Goals) to Pitti Uomo, so when we say they’re good, we speak from experience!

They are British tailoring’s best kept secret…Woops.

Arriving in Style: Maserati

Sometimes, it’s all about the entrance – and they don’t get much better than arriving in the elegance and luxury of a Maserati. The brand successfully resonates with Dapper Chappers and possesses a slight arrogance that we just love. It’s an arrogance that should go hand-in-hand with all market leaders.

Whether we’re talking about a bespoke suit or an automobile, it’s the little things that make big differences and Maserati are the perfect advocates of this; every car is a true masterpiece of Italian design, down to the most minute details.

This brand are a portal to stylish, sophisticated travel.

For Music: Bower & Wilkins

There aren’t many British brands we are more fond of than these sound maestros. Whether you’re smashing out a session in the gym, losing yourself in your thoughts whilst lying by the pool or on the daily commute, this brand will not let you down.

Their products deliver an extremely pure sound quality, full of energy and clarity, so you can cancel out everything around you and focus on what you’re listening to.

Audibly perfect.

Eyewear : Bespoke Dudes

As mentioned above, we’re all about timeless, classic style; things last last the test of time, instead of falling in and out of vogue.

Bespoke Dudes is the perfect fit for us. This quintessential Italian brand take on the ubiquitous empire of huge multinational groups and come up trumps; eternal, authentic craftsmanship always wins in our eyes.

Fitness : Lululemon

Everyone’s first fitness objective should be to achieve a positive and effective workout – obviously. But we feel many chappers let themselves down with the gear they wear.

Familiarise yourself with Lululemon and you will never have that problem again – their products are extremely stylish, but built for efficiency so you can stretch, lift and run with all the freedom in the world, whilst knowing you look the part!