Dapper Diving: Watches to Accompany You to the Depths of the Ocean

By Alex Noble Thursday 25th Oct, 2018

Chaps, I don’t know about you but I’m sort of summered out. Well, that’s not entirely true; I bloody love summer but this year I’ve spent the season doing the norm…indulging in too much drinking, enjoying a couple of vacations (beach holiday and city break) and I must say, I’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt (in this case it was a wonderful Breton number from Massimo Dutti).

My time for lazing has come to an end; I want to get active when I jet off and number one on the bucket list, is exploring the depths of our planets extensive and frankly terrifying oceans.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am slightly scared of the deep blue sea (it may in fact have something to do with the film) and have never gone diving but like all other sporting activities, be it golf, tennis, even cycling, when it comes to me, i’m a proud endorser of all the gear, no idea. After all, if you’re going to fail, do it in style.

This did get me thinking though…What on earth does one need for diving. Of course there’s the obvious: flippers, wet suit, mask and an underwater camera (Instagram, duh). Yet, it only dawned on me afterwards that another essential piece of kit is a diving watch…you may think why (apart from gauging how long you’ve been under water and potentially saving your life) but when you have a look at the models listed below (personal shopper or what!) you’ll see why it should in fact be seen as a necessity…What’s more, lots of these look extremely chic and classic. In fact they’d be as much at home on your wrist at a wedding as they would on the seabed.

Couple of things to look out for:

  • Know your bezel; the gauge that sits on the outside of the watch ensures you know how long you’ve been underwater for. Wouldn’t want you miscounting now would we.
  • No Pressure: your watch should be able to easily withstand the immense pressures of 300m below the surface of the water (as far as humans can go).
  • Rock steady: Although often a colourful paradise that offers pure tranquillity, the ocean offers plenty of obstacles that could give your watch a good bashing, so make sure it’s tough enough to take a few knocks.

Rolex Submariner

This beauty is very much like the original model, released in 1953. The distinctive hands and luminescent hour markers, combined with its cerachrom bizel makes this Rolex the ultimate statement when descending into the depths of the ocean. 

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600 

Inspired by great dive watches of the past, this cracker is now iconic in its own right, boasting the ability to sink to depths up to 2000ft. It’s certainly not named the pro for nothing and works beautifully in some of the world’s most inhospitable settings. An elegant underwater timepiece that does the job with a touch of class.

Oris Aquis Date Automatic 43 MM

This watch is perfect for those looking to bring a little machoism to the depths of the ocean, yet don’t think this extremely masculine look compromises style. Small, compact and water resistant up to 300m, the Oris Aquis will not fail you and it’s blue face just makes you yearn for the sea.

Oris Pro Diver Chronograph

You can adventure to depths of up to 1000m whilst donning this model and FYI, many of the professionals do. It may look like a dress watch but it has a host of innovative gadgets designed for underwater exploration, including the RSS bezel-locking system. 

Longines Heritage Legend Diver

Traditional, elegant and performance led, Longines have produced a stunning device that can reach depths of 300m. Notable features include a black dial, date window and internal rotating bezel protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal. After 180 years this legendary watch company have created an elegant sports watch with a touch of Longines class…

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

Designed for a man who seeks aesthetic style and sportsmanlike performance, this beautiful timepiece is capable of withstanding everything the sea throws at you; and we all know she can be a cruel mistress. It can also withstand depths of up to 300m and is a device that simply won’t crack under pressure. Stunning and probably my pick of the bunch – this would look completely at home on the wrist of 007. 

Omega Seamaster

If Kanye were ever to go diving, he’d probably use this watch due to it possessing an 18K 2nd hand (notice the mini gun inspired by 007) and surrounding case. However this has substance as well as style and would withstand depths of up to 300m, so unfortunately Kanye would probably be OK using it. The blue ceramic Bezel ring, which includes a Ceragold diving scale and is a stunning piece of work and makes this the Jolly Rodger of the collection…this will certainly stand out on any diving trip. 

IWC Schaffhausen Aquatimer Chronograph

Stay in control of far more than simply dive times, as the Chronograph’s sporty but graceful style is one of the best dive partners out there. The Hammerhead of the divers watches…(it does have hammerhead sharks engraved on the underside)

Casio Black Analog

Perhaps the most simplified watch on show but a very effective timepiece for diving, which can be donned up to depths of 200m. With a one-way turning bezel and a refined black exterior, it would serve you well underwater, yet I would say it is the least likely to fit on the wrist of a Dapper Chap…

Citizen Eco-Drive Blue Promaster

Again not as stylish as some of the others but this Citizen is a lot more fun and functional and is powered by light so you don’t need to worry about replacing the battery. A rather ordinary looking dive watch, which has subtle and effective tools.