Don’t Fear the Roll Neck – New & Lingwood

By Alex Noble Wednesday 20th Dec, 2017

Remember the milk tray man? Everyone loved him and I can assure you it wasn’t just for the chocolate he delivered – he looked sharp A.F. due to his slick ensemble, which included…a roll neck. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘Tis the season of the roll neck.’

Whatever the occasion, whatever the dress code, this versatile garment works every time – obviously don’t wear one every time because that would just be silly, but please, I beg of thee, don’t fear the roll neck. 

They’re extremely comfy, classy, and statement-worthy, so you can look chic in comfort, which, I’ll be honest, isn’t an easy thing to do!

Whilst its been a front row staple at recent fashion weeks, the roll neck is also lauded by the likes of Daniel Craig, which means they’ve maintained their manliness. I’ve heard of plenty a gent who’ve chosen to avoid rollers like the clappers due to the fear of emasculation. How wrong they were.

So, now we’ve got that matter out of the way and decided this garment deserves a bloody whopping thumbs up, the next question is where to buy one?

After seeing their latest collection, my vote would be New & Lingwood.

Whether it’s a sleek, cashmere number, which looks the part nestled under a blazer, or a chunky cable knit, suitable for stylishly battling the wintry conditions, these guys deliver.

Housed at both Jermyn Street and Eton, this quintessential British brand offers apparel that contains a unique, English character. Via their products, you’ll be the chap who turns heads for being ambitious with his style; and I guarantee, a roll neck from here will ensure they turn for all the right reasons.