Doucal’s – Handcrafted Excellence from Italy

By Adam Tuesday 28th Jan, 2014

Nestled in the enchanting Marche Region of Italy is the bustling town of Montegranaro. This region, known around the world as Italy’s heart of creation for handcrafted excellence in glamorous footwear, inspired the Giannini family to found Doucal’s 40 years ago.

Always evolving their materials, diverse and perfect lasts, designs and distribution, Giannini’s second generation guards well the traditions of the “Made in Italy” elegant Italian craftsmanship while embracing the modern perspective.

Doucal’s products are sought-after around the world by the most demanding, elegant clientele who expect personalized perfection, exclusive quality and long lasting comfort.

With their creativity on the pulse of each generation’s contemporary demand, the Giannini family seamlessly elevates traditional Italian quality, taste and design to an unequalled level of international appreciation.

Here’s a selection from S/S ’14

Doucal’s was established in 1973 by Mario Giannini, founder and proprietor of the business that in several decades transformed itself from an artisanal enterprise into an industrial enterprise, succeeded and developed by the second generation. The brand, known initially as Duca (meaning “duke”) to identify a product which was developed for an elite clientèle, later became anglicised. Mario’s dream and his passion for English shoes took him to England in the seventies, to the British Shoe Manufacturer District for an internship with Handmade Goodyear.

His mentor taught him all the secrets of the various construction methods and the rules of English style that were so influential during those years in the European market.

Mario, returning home after several months of training, instilled in his small artisanal enterprise that exclusively British dedication to perfection, seen and appreciated in the English factory, and in honour of that authentic experience he decided to give the English name Doucal’s to his exclusively Italian business.

Mario went beyond his training. His desire was to create shoes that endured through time, but that were also comfortable to wear in comparison to the rigidity of English shoes, and when his children entered into the business, he prompted them to research, reminding them of the past and putting them at the helm of the future.

Doucal’s shoes are now conceived to look like the English whilst incorporating the comfort of an Italian shoe, guaranteed by a sockliner in the insole with an activated carbon coating which guarantees the foot great comfort and freshness, combined with anti-bacterial action.