Introducing Meander Scotland

By Adam Friday 12th Nov, 2021
There has often been the dilemma for weather-suitable and outdoor clothing to create a style miss. It’s either one or the other, and for many, taking a style hit because the scenario is often standing drenched on the hills with the dog somewhere is a safe option.
It really needn’t be the case.
Meander Scotland is an emerging brand that celebrates the world of the outdoors, whatever the purpose, but equally understands and embraces the transition to the city. With a forward-thinking mentality of simple, clean almost Scandinavian lines tied into fabric innovation, Meander, founded by husband and wife Jill and Steve Henry is bringing the Munros to the city streets and vice versa.
With a passion for creating functionally versatile and comfortable clothing, Meander Scotland came effortlessly to the fore more than three years ago. The brand is now set and readying to open a second store in Spitalfields, London this side of Christmas to add to their Edinburgh flagship.
The brand now in full swing, it was the Meander Jacket that first kicked things off back in 2018, helped on by a reward-based crowdfunding campaign, the success of which helped to fund the first production run. This allowed the founders to believe that there was a market out there for versatile clothing made from performance materials but also for everyday wear – the brand now sporting a new and exciting collection including a recycled parka, adventure trousers, sweatshirts and shorts.
With a distinct focus on that versatility aspect and with comfort sitting deep within the heart of its DNA, Meander is a fully-fledged outdoor inspired brand and aesthetic, where sustainability and having garments that work for people around their lifestyles, plays such an important role.
“It’s about creating clothes that are fit for purpose,” says Jill. “It’s not just about performing the fastest, but more about product worn when commuting to work or for the casual day out with friends.”
From day one, Meander has communicated the importance of doing things in a sustainable way, believing it’s their responsibility to craft functional pieces but within a process that creates the least possible impact on the planet,
“We are open about where we make our products and where the materials come from,” says Steve, “We’re very proud that all of our collection is made in ethical European Factories and that 95% of the range is made from recycled or natural materials. Since the beginning we’ve offset our carbon emissions by partnering with Forest Carbon and planting trees in Scottish woodland. Around 90% of our collection is either natural or recycled and by the end of 2022 we’ll make sure that’s 100%”
A brand that openly targets the ‘outdoorsy’ types and those that appreciate the benefits and aesthetic of good technical wear, all jackets are fully waterproof and in breathable materials with the best-seller being the all-new adventure trousers, which customers wear for everything from yoga to climbing and paddleboarding.

“They’re amazing, created especially for us and extremely comfortable to wear,” says Jill. “They’re like wearing a pair of smart sweatpants but with the additional benefit of being water resistant, so great for outdoor and everyday wear.”

With a timeless aesthetic and with a direct-to-consumer model, Meander celebrates the beauty of Scandinavian minimalist design and will be taking this into their new space in Spitalfields in early December, where the importance of creating a space for a community to gather and interact is of the utmost importance. “We see the space as much more than just a store. A place where like minded folk can get together. We’ve intentionally gone for a decent size store so that we have the space to serve coffee and do social led things,” says Jill.
With a definitive openness regarding inspiration and benchmarks, both Meander founders are more than happy to heap praise on those that have gone before them, “Patagonia has been leading the way in sustainability and positive change for years,” says Jill. “They don’t just think about using sustainable fabrics, but they pioneer change and help fund environmental charities and activists by donating to these organisations.  Their founder, Yvon Chouinard, started 1% for the Planet in 2002 and Patagonia became the first business to commit 1% of annual sales to the environment.”