Luca Faloni Jersey linen polo

By Adam Monday 26th Jun, 2023

One of our favourite go-to Italian menswear brands is back again with a superb new classic piece that works brilliantly in the warmer weather and carries that natural sophisticated style, now so synonymous with the label.

Having just retuned from recent trade shows in both Florence and Paris where temperatures can be very uncomfortable to walk around in, especially as you go from meeting to meeting, we know the importance of matching stye with comfort. The new feather-light linen long sleeve jersey from Luca Faloni is simply priceless in this department. Superbly soft and extremely breathable for the ultimate comfort when things can get sticky.

Crafted from a world-renowned light linen jersey in Northern Italy, the jersey polo is that classic piece that can finish off an outfit for a multitude of occasions and can be worn with both shorts, light cotton chinos or linen pants, day or night.

Luca Faloni says: “A great quality linen is the perfect material for moving around in warm climates, due to its softness and breathability. It is also one of the most resistant cloths. Good quality linen will become softer and silkier over time and will not lose its shape, becoming a classic summer go-to for the wardrobe.”

Available in light blue, sea grey and navy blue, the long-sleeved linen polo is priced at £195. Visit