Lutwyche: The Pop-up Sackville Street Store & the Lutwyche Academy

By Adam Thursday 18th Oct, 2018

If you hadn’t guessed it already, at Dapper Chapper HQ we just love talking about tailoring, especially when it surrounds an exciting British brand who are steeped in tradition and quality. Lutwyche was founded in 2000, by Tony Lutwyche, and have showrooms in London’s Mayfair and New York’s Madison Avenue. 

‘Inspired by the traditions of Savile Row. Informed by a modern sensibility.’

As I said, they’re steeped in sartorial tradition, yet offer a product that is relevant in the 21st Century. Their by-appointment-only service centres around the full, tailoring experience. The space within the showroom is yours, to take as long as you need in choosing fabrics and colours, meaning that at the end of the process you’re taking home wisdom on top of a suit.

Before any measurements are taken, either Tony or his knowledgable tailor engage with their clients and learn about both their personality and posture. This consultation is followed by an acute measuring process that usually ensures clients do not need to return for a 3rd or 4th fitting.

With an approximate crafting time from scratch of 60 hours, the end result is a beautiful, handmade sartorial frame, which enhances the man who wears it. 

‘You just stand that little bit taller, your shoulders go back and you get a sense of pride.’

  • Tony Lutwyche on when men wear a bespoke suit

The client side of things is of course the icing on the cake but what goes on behind the closed doors of their exceptional Chester-based workshop is equally as important. Renowned for being one of the finest in the world in upholding the highest levels of craftsmanship, the precision and detail that goes into each individual suit is unfathomable.

Tony Lutwyche Academy

As a result of the stunning artisanal work that takes place in this workshop and their desire to uphold the brand’s values of authenticity and quality, the Tony Lutwyche Academy was founded, encouraging youngsters to join an industry in which numbers are in decline. It offers a way to successfully pass on the baton to the next generation of craftsmen, ensuring that the processes and methodology are not altered or misinterpreted.

The academy means that Lutwyche’s trusty cutters and tailors are able to train up fresh, new talent who are keen to join the trade, as well as cross-training their colleagues in other specialities.’

We’re delighted to report that Lutwyche have opened up their first pop-up store on London’s Sackville Street, to provide consumers with a tase of British tailoring via the new ‘Academy Range.’ Each suit made by the academy is checked thoroughly by the experienced cutters and tailors, as well as the quality control team and now, the Tony Lutwyche Academy is opening its doors to customers to purchase the collection.

26 Sackville Street

Open until late February 2019