Mr Motif Pocket Squares

By Alex Noble Thursday 17th May, 2018

Some chaps like to dress functionally; you know the Asics Trainers with tailoring, Cargo pants with a million different pockets kind of looks; and I get it…In fact, no, I don’t. Frankly, it looks appalling and for me, style should never be sacrificed for functionality. 

I imagine functional dressers become especially unstuck when it comes to the pocket square….it’s a functionally useless piece of cloth, which fits a functionally useless pocket. (Apart from a peg for a closed pair of sunglasses). To them it’ll make no sense to don one but to a Dapper Chapper, it’s an integral piece of an outfit.

I’m not a Nikes with my suit kind of commuter; style and clothing functionality are often at opposite ends of the spectrum, and I’d choose the former, every time.

In my opinion, the pocket square should be a sartorial staple and I don’t just mean any old, neatly folded piece of material. Just because it appears a minimal accessory, doesn’t mean quality and flamboyance should be sacrificed – God no – in fact, the bolder the better.

So where does one go for a premium pocket square that’s a real show-stopper?

Mr Motifs, of course.

As I mentioned earlier, many chappers often rock minimalist pocket squares that don’t really pack the…how do the French say it; va va voom. On the contrary, Mr Motif are a proud, maximalist brand who endorse their English heritage and seek to challenge convention and buck trends and traditionalist approaches to fashion. And we love them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a traditional look but a pocket square can really add depth and personality to an outfit without going O.T.T.

In a nutshell:

‘Our vocation is to make your attire the most stylish feature of any occasion.’

We recently tried three new styles to spruce up our tailoring and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The quality and flamboyancy of their products is brilliant and would sit perfectly in the top pocket of any DC.

Visit : Mr Motif