Orlebar Brown X Gieves and Hawkes Collaboration

By Alex Noble Tuesday 22nd Mar, 2016

Dr Livingstone I Presume?

One of the most iconic lines in the history of British exploration – It’s safe to say us Brits have done alright in terms of voyage and discovery and it’s vital that our fruitful history shouldn’t be forgotten. First fit forward and all that old boy.

Orlebar Brown and Gives and Hawkes are very much of this opinion and so have launched an innovative collection that champions Everyday Explorers and curiosity.

Blue Mapped Shorts

This is a tailored collection apt for both man’s heroic adventurers of the past and their modern day equivalents – whether it’s David Livingstone or Bear Grylls – these ready-to-wear pieces are timeless and chic.

Orlebar Brown has acted as a fashion pioneer by creating brilliant patterned shirts containing designs that emulate the original and scrupulous maps used by David Livingstone.

These two brands, that endorse the idea of innovation and curiosity, have produced this unique partnership in order to celebrate the experiences of Britain’s exploration heritage. The collaboration has achieved this by ensuring every garment’s practicality, whilst maintaining the sharp masculinity that reverberates throughout Savile Row.


A Dapper Chapper favourite was the blue blazer with the intricate inner design of one of Livingstone’s meticulous maps. It boasts a fabulous design, similar to one donned by Britain’s celebrated discoverers, whilst upholding a modern style that would fit even the finest of chaps wardrobe.

Imagine that, donning half the world across your chest…not a bad look.