Pantherella and Scott-Nichol’s Seasonal Collection of SS18

By Alex Noble Friday 23rd Mar, 2018

Socks or No Socks

As we approach the summer, and the supposedly warmer months of the year, layers are shed, materials become more lightweight and socks are often removed from copious amounts of outfits. Admittedly, we see this as acceptable when abroad, but in the grand scheme of things, when sock makers such as Pantherella exist, it is in fact rude not to (wear socks).

Socks can bring so much to an outfit, and are a fantastic way of jazzing up a rather mono-tonal look. That’s exactly what the Pantherella SS18 collection does. They’re designed to complement every aspect of a modern gentleman’s summer wardrobe…and I’d say they successfully do so.

Socks Designed for a Stylish, Contemporary Man

An array of exotic colours and delicate textures is delivered in this sartorial collection, and it’s a range inspired by world travel, which contains shades of deep teal, sapphire and fuchsia. All of which make for a portfolio that’s very easy on the eye…and around the ankles.

The socks are manufactured using the finest West Indian Sea Island cotton, and this wonderful yarn is as soft as cashmere, as strong as silk and as durable as wool. This epic combination and perfect blend produces a sock that is truly marvellous under foot. As mentioned above, the socks come in a vibrant colour range and really inject an essence of flamboyancy into a sartorial look, which is never a bad thing.

So when you think about donning your penny loafers, barefoot; take a minute to pause, and think again. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times; great outfits are made in the details, and a pair of statement socks, like this collection from Pantherella, introduce a playful feel into your get up.