By Adam Saturday 13th Sep, 2014

Opening its doors in 2001, Richard Anderson’s tailoring house was the first of its kind to open on London’s iconic Savile Row in fifty years. Whilst upholding the uncompromising level of tailoring craftsmanship synonymous with the Mayfair street, Richard Anderson modernizes discerning design for the fashion forward gentleman.
The house has teamed with artist Barry Kamen for their Autumn/Winter 2014 lookbook. Kamen, whom both styled and provided artistic direction for the lookbook, is best associated with the 1980s Buffalo style movement. Ray Petri provides recognizable inspiration for the collaboration, whom was responsible for defining the Buffalo era in the likes of The Face and i-D.
“The free-flowing handwriting that floats in front and behind of the masterful cutting, clean lines and bold colours of Richard Anderson’s suits, help to emphasise the hand-made craft and expertise which is the signature of a Richard Anderson suit,” explains Kamen.
He adds, “the quotes are taken from another great British master of clean lines, William Shakespeare.  In doing so, we have acknowledged the past, to inform the present and enrich the future.”
Exhibiting the highest quality suiting alongside the Buffalo style aesthetic, Richard Anderson’s Autumn/Winter 2014 lookbook is a defining moment in the house’s continued pursuit of quality and innovation.