Spoke: It’s All About the Fit

By Adam Monday 21st May, 2018

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When it comes to personal style and ensuring one looks ones best, it’s All About the Fit. No three (OK, four) words are more important when creating an outfit that seriously works because frankly, if your clothes don’t fit you right, there’s just no point in wearing them.

Yes, I get that the likes of oversized t-shirts have become a popular trend (frankly, I always like my t-shirts fitted, with the arms sitting half way between the shoulder and elbow, and the material hugging but not suffocating my body) but on the whole, why do you think tailors exist..? To ensure your clothes fit you perfectly.

This is why I have an insane amount of time for Spoke. Their whole ethos is built on the mantra that first and foremost, your clothes should fit you as close to perfectly as possible. With the guys at Spoke, the sole focus was placed upon the fit.

In a nutshell…

‘We’ve found a sweet spot between bespoke and ‘ready to wear’, so you can enjoy uncommonly good fit – without the hassle or the cost of traditional tailoring.’

When it comes to summer wardrobe generation, fit should play a massive part in what you buy. At the end of the day, you can’t hide behind layering during the summer months, so it’s imperative you buy clothes that are akin to your body shape. The likes of summer chinos and polo shirts, should, in my opinion fitted, instead of baggy and unflattering.

Spoke’s chinos come in a wide array of colours, made for summer, and fit like a glove. What’s more, style hasn’t actually been sacrificed, and they look fantastic on, whether you’re looking to pair them with a casual or formal ensemble. 

How do they do this?

Their fit-finder feature is a winner – It does what it says on the tin; discover your size in 60 seconds or less.  Answer of few questions and they’ll direct you to the perfect sized garments for you on their website. Then, it’s a case of selecting, paying and having them delivered to your door. 

Head to Spoke; they’ll ensure you’re adequately dressed for summer.