By Tom Jones Tuesday 7th Oct, 2014

LOUD! Everything about Syndicut is LOUD. It has to be spelt in capitals; that’s how LOUD their products are! Recently, there has been a revival in the boards shorts department, with large firms like Billabong moving their customer base from actual surfers to the usual high street shopper who were looking for that splash of colour in summer.


If that’s what you are after, then Syndicut is the firm for you. Syndicut Boxers was fuelled by the desire that boxers shouldn’t become an afterthought for big brands, with no attention paid to them. However, Syndicut’s smaller focus allows them to produce boxers with quality and style in mind. The quality is certainly in no doubt whatsoever. Syndicut boxers, their original product, arrives in a little linen pouch in the same colour as the boxers – although this doesn’t comment on the quality, it’s a great little touch – I took mine on a business trip in which I, unfortunately, had to share with a colleague. The first thing he did when I unpacked my bag? Picked up the Syndicut Boxer bag, of course, and unpacked its contents. He loved it, and he wasn’t the only one. The boxers fit snugly on top, but are loose on the bottom – this is perfect for wearing with trousers or jeans, as it allows free air flow. The build quality, as well, has had a similar thought process dedicated to achieving the highest quality process.  The stitching is tight and well done, with the shorts seams being very well, if anything, over stitched – particularly since only the waistband takes any strain.


This standout quality also applies to the Syndicut trunks – their print designs scream original. More than that, though – not only have I never seen anything as bright as these, but I’ve never seen anything remotely in this league of loudness – at first the colours seem absolutely mental. They look like a 90’s video game, or something from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. They are fantastic – imagine rocking up to your local barbeque wearing some Syndicut trunks. Much less being talked about there, you’d be talked about all over town! However, there is a downside to this. Syndicut designs aren’t to everyone’s taste. They are very divisive. They aren’t universal desgins – they are intended to be worn with modern, fashionable friends – those who would appreciate the upbeat nature of the garments.


Syndicut products are absolutely brilliant – when utilised properly. They aren’t for popping into the pub. They aren’t for walking around town in the summer months. They are for taking on a beach holiday and (literally) making a splash. They are for going to your local barbeque and being the best dressed person there. And the boxers? They are for all times – brilliantly designed, with a great range including a few options for the more traditional.