Tateossian Personalised Bracelet

By Rashpal Amrit Wednesday 10th Jan, 2018

Post-Christmas blues? Need something to cheer you up and bring a new level to your accessory game? Tateossian luxury men’s jewellery and accessories are the perfect way to add a touch of individualism to any look.

I have been wearing the double pop rigato leather bracelet with the silver clasp. Made of genuine leather, this style comes in a variety of colours and can be customised with your very own initials. The clasp has precision laser engraving and is Rhodium plated sterling silver.

Tateossion prides themselves on luxury quality without being extortionately expensive. The mixture of luxury metals and natural materials such as leather are all put together with the deepest care and attention. The sheer amount of options makes the brand a winner, you can also mix and match styles with ease.

So why not design your own bracelet or make your own cufflinks and start the year right.

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