Turnbull and Asser unveil S/S 15 Range

By Adam Wednesday 18th Jun, 2014

With the Spring Summer 2015 collection, Turnbull & Asser explores British style with a celebration of English eccentricity and a continued play on the formal versus informal dressing. Turnbull & Asser’s new Head of Design and Product Development, Dean Gomilsek-Cole, an animated storyteller, used this concept to create a fictional account of an English gentleman shipwrecked with his Turnbull & Asser trunk.

In their formal shirting collection, Turnbull & Asser continues their rejuvenated handwriting of bold colour combinations, using white backgrounds to amplify colour or an icy blue to soften. Stripes continue strongly into spring; from scale play in classic Bengal stripes to subtle, but architecturally precise horizontal stripes that give a modern edge.

In ties, an eclectic mix of reimagined archive textiles are given a pinch of Turnbull & Asser’s signature eccentricity as a wider ‘Skipper’ tie is introduced to compliment the current selection of slim and classic widths. The ties help to illustrate the theme of the season through mixing nautical and wildlife motifs and adding over-weave patterns to add a distressed look to updated classic patterns in indigo and cream.

Leaning heavily on the traditional double breasted blazer as a foundation, both traditional and soft tailoring are brought to life with bold horizontal stripes and relaxed sun washed textures from the best English and Italian mills.

In trousers, traditional ‘khakee’ fabrics, a healthy mix of pattern, textured soft cottons and colour lightweight wool complement our soft tailoring and offer endless mixing opportunities, from elegant to eccentric, depending on your mood.

Our more elaborate tie silks are also utilised in classic smoking jackets and luxurious gowns for opulent styling. Meantime, for an informalist feel, and using a blue story in textured, printed and jacquard fabrics, we toy with the concept of the pyjama as a shirt, a jacket, and finally as it were intended.

The year 2014, marks a new evolution for Turnbull & Asser with the unveiling of the brand’s new Global Headquarters in London. Set over four floors and spanning over 400sqm, the headquarters for the Royal Warrant shirtmaker is situated at 14 South Street, in the heart of London’s Mayfair. Designed by acclaimed interiors architects Shed, the building houses the exemplary British brands design studio and showroom.