Bamford Grooming Review: The Sports Collection

By Adam Thursday 18th Jun, 2020
I was reunited with Bamford products after its inclusion within the Gentleman’s Journal Grooming awards where I was one of the judges again this year.
It was the Sport Range that took the spotlight, made up of a trio of men’s essentials designed to refresh, re-invigorate and enhance recovery around sport and exercise.
The branding for the range is sleek and streamline and the black bottles sit perfectly on a Dapper Chapper’s grooming cabinet or within a sports bag.

The All Over Wash

One of the best body washes I’ve used, particularly first thing in the morning to wake up or to reignite after a workout. As I said in the Gentleman’s Journal, Bamford has done well to work in fragrances notes that liven you up in the morning without losing any luxury. An ideal product for morning routines or post-lunch gym sessions.
A blend of antibacterial Tea Tree lead extract, sweet orange essential oil, soothing aloe vera and inflammatory patchouli oil, this combination will wake you up and get you going.
Works on hair and body and RRP is £25.

The Arnica Balm

It’s really a more luxurious version of deep heat or tiger balm boasting a mix of anti-inflammatories and circulation boosters such as ginger and tea tree extract. It’s a little more subtle than other repair balms too, it’s not sticky, non greasy and heats quickly omitting a pleasant but not overwhelming scent.
50ml is £25

The Deodorant

I’ve personally only made the switch from antiperspirant to deodorant in recent years, so if you have also, or combine deodorant and antiperspirant this is an ideal product.
With the same energising and refreshing that live in the other products mentioned this has become a permanent addition to my sports bag. The invigorating scent resets you after a workout and anti-inflammatories in the form of patchouli oil act to calm and soothe areas that have been active in the gym.
30ml for £20
Visit Bamford to purchase online or for more information on stockists.