Murdock London’s Male Grooming Range

By Alex Noble Thursday 3rd May, 2018

Chappers, grooming matters; whenever, or wherever you hear otherwise, ignore it, because grooming truly matters.

Whether you shave every morning without fail, allow yourself a cheeky five o’clock shadow, or have indulged in some form of beard growth, it’s important to ensure you’re 100% behind your chosen look.

Unfortunately, achieving optimal grooming levels isn’t as simple as providing a dedicated mindset and the odd squirt of moisturiser. Dapper Chappers require products of the highest quality because at the end of the day, if you cut corners it’ll show, pretty evidently.

I couldn’t recommend Murdock London’s men’s grooming range highly enough – some of the products within their collection are absolute essentials within my daily grooming routine and integral to me leaving the house or gym feeling sharp and ready. 

Murdock Sea Salt Spray

Volume and matte texture; two things that most grooming-conscious gents look for in their barnet, yet as many of us will know, they don’t often come around naturally.

To achieve a volumised and textured lid, there’s a number of types of product you can go for but I’d always go down the route of a sea salt spray. I was delighted when Head Barber, Gwen, assured me that I had been making the correct decision (Pat on the back for me). Sea Salt Spray is, in fact, the one.

This product is so moreish, yet I was surprised when Gwen rather peppered it on my hair during a grooming session. However, by allowing it to set and gain a little grip before styling the end result was brilliant; floppy, lame hair no more!

I must add, the scent of this product is also brilliant. There’s a real freshness and crispness to it, which is ideal for the summer. 

Murdock Beard Moisturiser

I’m afraid in order to enjoy this product, you’re going to have to be able to grow a beard, or at least some sizeable stubble. Unfortunately some chappers don’t possess the genetics to sprout a strong batch of facial hair – but hey, that’s life. 

On this, my one piece of advice would be instead of trying your very hardest to pray for growth, admit defeat and embrace a sharp and defined, clean-shaven look, instead of a patchy beard. You’ll thank me for it later.

Anyway, back to those of us who can grow a beard. It should be created as art and handled with care.

As Murdock say themselves;

In an ideal world, all you would have to do to maintain a great beard would be to stop shaving. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – unless you’re planning to sport the dishevelled look!”

Dapper Chapper and disheveled don’t belong in the same sentence so once again please take my word for it when I say you need products to maintain a killer beard. This beard moisturiser conditions and softens your facial hair and the skin underneath, giving the beard a much healthier look. I’ve never used a beard moisturiser with such a prominent aroma but it truly smells fantastic and feels amazing on.

So, there you have it chappers; two products from Murdock that really should be present in your grooming routine, as they bring lift and texture to your thatch, and healthiness to your facial hair. All essential for a sharp, refined look!