Capelli: Barber’s on Demand

By Michelle Connolly Monday 27th Feb, 2017

Unless you’re treating yourself to a luxury barber experience, it can sometimes be a hassle to squeeze a trim in. Sometimes you just wish they could come to you. Not so unbelievably, some clever chap has had the same idea and Kickstarted an app to bring professional barbers right to your door, wherever you are.

Co-founders Greg and Stuart found themselves frustrated at being unable to get appointments at times that suited them, or the uncertainty of a queue at their favourite places.

Their Capelli app works with location-based technology to match users with skilled local barbers in their locality, whether that’s at work, home, or travelling. It also addresses another uncertainty when walking in to an unknown barber, which is what quality cut are you going to emerge with? The ratings system on the app swerves this rather huge bugbear rather smoothly. The gents themselves say:

“Not only is it difficult to find a Barber that offers appointments outside of office-hours but it’s also nearly impossible to find accurate and up-to-date ratings which point you towards the best in your area. Capelli allows users to rate every haircut and as such no matter where customers are in the country, whether they’re a local or simply in the area on business, they can be sure of a quality cut.”

On top of this they only use experienced barbers to ensure a quality service every time, even when you’re away from home. Capelli themselves also have a comprehensive website with style suggestions and an instant message service if you have any burning questions on the service.

What’s more, you can suggest barbers in your own area to their Kickstarter, meaning even more choice and availability. Once you download the app, simply register, choose your style, then sit back and wait for them to come to you in comfort.

Download the app here