Johnny’s Chop Shop Barber – Grooming Range

By Rashpal Amrit Wednesday 7th Sep, 2016

Well known Barbers Johnny Chop Shop plans to conquer the world of grooming with its new range of products. Referencing vintage Americana, the brand identity is a fusion of 50s and 60s retro style with a modern twist. The collection aims to give young fashion conscious men the right products to create the sharpest looks. What is unique are the online tutorial support to guide consumers.

I tested some of the key products from the collection:

Hobo Hair
Matt look de-greaser
Great for on-the-go, if you have greasy hair this is ideal to give your hair that refreshed feeling.

Beard Oil

Smooth blend of natural oils
This oil is light scented and not as harsh as other beard oils available.

Glide Em High

A quick and easy grooming cream
A great product for those who prefer an alternative to wax or clay.

Wild Cat

Hair sculpting clay
My favorite product in the collection, just works so well and a little amount can hold the thickest of hair so well.

Aswell as testing the new grooming range, I experienced the recently opened barbers located on Marshall St. Dani (Toastie) was my barber who I highly recommend, she also has a big following on social and rightly so. Haircuts are priced from £26, which is competitive for one of London’s best.

Check out Johnny Chop Shops Collection

Rashpal Amrit

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