Christmas Hairstyles with Ted’s Grooming

By Adam Monday 7th Dec, 2015

Side Parting

The classic cut that’s no less classy in 2015 then when it first appeared in the Mad Men era. A low maintenance style that won’t fall flat throughout the day, the side parting allows you to head straight from the desk to the dancefloor at the end of a working day. Ask your barber for one inch on the back and sides, with up to four inches of length on top. Slick a comb through wet hair to set a natural parting and use Ted’s Hair Gel to create a slick, professional look that doubles up as an elegant party style.

Textured Quiff

While slick-backs and pompadours have reigned supreme over the past year, this quiff with a difference is a standout style for the party season. Ask for a number six (or longer) on top with the “fringe” area left long, tapering into a four .Work Ted’s Hair Putty through your hair before forming the rugged quiff -by clasping with your fingertips and slanting away at a side angle.  Finish with a twist.

Widow’s Peak

Instead of covering up a v-shaped hairline, embrace it. The widow’s peak is a neat yet unorthodox cut  that you can only pull off if your hair has receeded or naturally angled at the front, so turn the tables and prove to the party you’ve still got style.  Ask your barber for a short, faded back and sides, with a tight yet textured top. A low maintenance option that’s easy to style; work in a small amount of Ted’s Hair Putty, leaving the hair to fall naturally into place.


This cut has been in vogue for the past year, so you may as well bow out of 2015 in contemporary perfection.  Build  signature contrast by asking your barber to leave as much length as possible on top while clippering the back and sides  short , with a high fade. The barber can add a rugged touch by cutting through the top with texturizing scissors. Slick back with gel maximum contrast, or apply Ted’s Hair Wax and pluck with the fingertips throughout for an edgier finish.

Conventional with a difference

The eve- popular short on the back and sides, long on top – but with a twist.  Ask your barber to razor in lots of texture on top and clipper fade all the way around for a look that’s clean yet personal. Use Ted’s Hair Wax to apply all over and personalise as you wish – this is a very versatile and convenient cut.