Men’s Hair Trends 2018

By Ben Copeland Monday 5th Feb, 2018

So, with the recent launch of House 99 by David Beckham, a brand new range of men’s grooming products consisting of hair, beard and skin products, it seems a fitting time for House 99 barber, Ben Copeland, to lay down four men’s hairstyles that are a ‘must’ for 2018.

The Quiff

With sleeker, perfectly maintained styles taking more of a back seat this year, The Quiff is an ideal look for guys who want to give their hair a bit of an edge.  It’s a variation of the pompadour – the go to men’s hairstyle for the last few years – and is basically the same cut but with a messier, more textured look. Think James Dean in ‘A Rebel Without a Cause’, and you’re on your way to rocking this 50’s bad boy style.

Less is more with The Quiff, and the idea is to look like you’ve put just the right amount of effort in, not too much, nor too little. Whether you decide to go short on the sides, or leave a bit of length, there’s the added bonus that you can rock the quiff or revert back to the pompadour, depending on the occasion or your mood.

How to get this look…

The main thing to remember with this style is ‘Go Big’! Always use a hairdryer, drying the front of the hair from roots to end, to create body – sculpt using your hands (no brush as you don’t want it looking too perfect). Style with pomade or clay wax to create a slightly dishevelled, messed-up look with body and height through the fringe, and then lock into place with hairspray.

The Slick

This is a look worn by the likes of Kit Harrington and Jared Leto, and is an evolving style that varies in look but essentially does what it says on the tin. Your hair needs to be at least four inches long, worn off the face and slicked back. You can wear this with a short undercut or longer, grown out sides in a grunged up, messier style.

A perfect style for the gent growing his hair out or the guy that’s confident and all knowing.

How to get this look…

Again, this look is not meant to be perfect – style with pomade or gel in damp hair, using your hands to ruffle the hair, pushing it all the way back. And that’s it, you’re done. Be warned, if your hairline is starting to recede, this look may not be for you!

The Layered Mid-Length 

Think Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain. Both gods of the layered, mid length style.

This is a versatile cut that can be worn as a slick back,  left down as a centre part, or tucked behind the ears. It works on wavy and straighter hair, as long as you have enough of it!

How to get this look…

If worn slicked see above, if worn down or tucked, apply a small amount of pomade or gel through mid-lengths to ends through damp hair and leave to dry to create a grunged up look.

The Crew

Ok, so this look really is quite timeless. It’s ideal for a guy who wants minimum fuss but still wants to look on trend. What’s more, it suits mosts guys if cut with face shape in mind. We’re talking around an inch or two of hair length on top – rounder-faced men can take the sides short and leave a bit more length on top and longer-faced men can keep a bit more length on the sides keeping the top short or worn down with a slight fringe.  

It will also suit most hair types and looks great with faded sides and a messed up top with fringe (great if you’re receding) or softer scissor over combed sides and textured top worn choppy, smart, up or down. It’s a look Tom Hardy seems to favour and is still very versatile, worn smart or messy.

How to get this look…

Dry quickly with a hairdryer, apply clay to create texture and movement to your desired style. Simples.

There you have it – my favourite men’s hairstyles for 2018.

Obviously there are variations on each look and I’m not saying don’t ever wear your hair smart again but vary it! Mix it up a little, dishevel it, texture it, grunge it. Be brave!