Ernest Supplies Dual Enzyme Face Polish & Face Wash Review

By Adam Thursday 29th Mar, 2018

As you may know, I’m already a big fan of what Ernest Supplies has to offer, even only having used their shave cream before, so I was keen to test out the Dual Enzyme Face Polish and also the Soap Free Gel Face Wash. The brand has a no-nonsense approach that appeals to me to no end, so if these other two products work just as well as the shave cream then I’ll be fully invested!

The US based company have in my opinion mastered the packaging game, they utilise a first-aid looking pouch design, almost military in the aesthetic, but this is for good reason. The vitamin and antioxidant ingredients inside are kept safe from UV damage, the pouch can fit easily in your cabinet or travel bag, and you can squeeze out every last drop, genius! Even the pump-bottle for the face polish uses this pouch idea within; it’s something I’ve not seen elsewhere. 

But enough about the outside, it’s the goods inside that really matter. Well Ernest Supplies have not lost focus. Firstly, let’s mention the face polish. This exfoliating scrub has a very fine texture, more refined that cheaper scrubs out there – miniature guarana seeds gently buff the surface grime away from your face, and we’re glad to see no micro-beads of plastic here! Exotic fruit enzymes and acai pulp antioxidants are also present to clear blocked pores and smooth out the appearance of your skin, and the combination as a whole has a wonderful natural scent that oozes quality and sophistication. The polish washes away easily and left my skin feeling vibrant, elastic and renewed. I also used this as a face-mask, just by leaving it on for a few minutes, and again, the natural ingredients and vitamin blend worked wonders for my skin without causing any irritation even on my sensitive boat-race!

Obviously, you shouldn’t use a face polish or exfoliant every day, so it was handy for me to have the soap-free gel face wash to try too. This cleanser can be used every morning and evening, and when you try it, you’ll look forward to the next time you can uncap that pouch. The first thing to note is that beautiful natural scent recognisable in all Ernest Supplies products. It’s slightly more pronounced in this face wash, but not in an overpowering way. The cleanser is very fluid, so it easily pours out of the spout – be careful, you don’t want to waste this!

Used on a damp face, this cleanser lathers up easily and is so soft and moisturising. A little goes a long way, it covers the face and neck easily and is a real joy to use, I wonder if I can go back to using my regular face wash!? The vitamins and other magic ingredients left my face soft, super clean feeling, and not dried out at all, which I wasn’t at all surprised about given how good it felt using it in the first place. 

I highly recommend giving either of these products a go, and as I’d hoped, my opinion of Ernest Supplies has only been heightened further. You can buy online at that is if I haven’t bought up all their stock first!