Pure Shave: Product Review

By Joe Burns Friday 21st Aug, 2020

I was asked recently if I’d be interested in sampling a new shaving product – I didn’t know the brand, or exactly what would arrive. If we’re honest, there have been a plethora of men’s shaving products on the market in the last few years; some great, and well, some that promise to improve your life in every single way… Still, I’m not one to turn down a new offering, and I’m certainly pleased I didn’t.

Pure Shave kindly supplied us with their creation, an irritation-free shave cream – nothing more, nothing less. Often times we see brands that offer a whole host of different products for different people with different skin. But this begs the question, why not simply develop one product really well, that anyone can use?

This is exactly what Pure Shave have done. They’ve formulated a cream that doesn’t rely on fragrances or over-the-top packaging to sell themselves. Minimal ingredients, but plenty of vitamin E, means this cream is calming, soothing, and ideal for anyone who may suffer with razor burn or razor rash.

Pure Shave’s ethos focusses on the sustainability of their products and packaging and this was evident from the outset. Opening the box revealed a clever use of materials but at no cost to the premium design. The sleek shave cream bottle is the optimum size for the bathroom but equally for your travel bag, and it can be opened and refilled which is ideal given that it looks so good in my bathroom cabinet.

Pure Shave offer a refill pouch, enough to hold three bottles’ worth, and you can even find Pure Shave in local zero-waste stores too.

I’m the ideal candidate to put this product through its paces. I’ve always had sensitive skin (a car seatbelt can make me look like I’ve been strangled) so I generally opt for gentler products and have good experience of what works well.

To really test the performance of Pure Shave, I didn’t bother with any elaborate pre-shave routine, nor did I even use a brand-new blade. Thankfully, I didn’t need to. With just the right consistency, the cream rubs in to skin really well and softens the hair
immediately. It was easy to shave with – my razor wasn’t clogged and I could see every pass effortlessly. The result? Clear, smooth skin with absolutely no razor rash or irritation, even on my neck.

What really stood out to me, was the silky texture my skin had when washing away the excess. If you’re partial to a second pass, you needn’t use any more product – somehow a splash of water restores an ultra-fine lubricating layer that feels unlike anything I’ve experienced with other shave creams or gels.

Pure Shave set out to create a cream that works, that prevents razor burn and rash, and soothes even the most sensitive skin. I’m left questioning how no other brand has achieved this so far? What is clear, is that Pure Shave will be my personal choice from now on.

Visit www.pureshave.co.uk for more information, order directly, and look out for the new moisturiser and fragrance coming soon.

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