Bentley Momentum and Momentum Intense Fragrances

By Rashpal Amrit Thursday 23rd Feb, 2017

Bentley launched their new fragrances Momentum and Momentum Intense, and as ever Dapper Chapper was at the launch in the Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard. The new fragrances, designed for the urban trendsetter in mind.

Contrasting aromatic freshness with vibrant woods form the basis to the fragrances, developed by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson. So how do the fragrances compare?

The new fragrance comes in two intensities each with its own distinct smell. Bentley Momentum is an Eau de Toilette whereas Bentley Momentum Intense is an Eau de Parfum. Bentley Momentum Intense builds up the intensity of the composition with new ingredients that heighten the contrast between the top and base notes.

The bottle design is sleek referencing the fragrance vibrant notes and is made of luxury heavy glass. The front and back are covered with silver brushed metal plates, embossed with the iconic “Winged B”.

It’s good to see Bentley diversify there already successful range with some bolder offerings.

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