By Joe Burns Tuesday 10th Oct, 2017

Sometimes you wake up and feel like you haven’t slept a wink all night – getting up can be very tough indeed, so at times like these, it’s great to have a shower with a product that invigorates and wakes up your senses.

Haeckels have created something that does just that. This body cleanser starts by cleaning away your skin’s surface impurities just like any other good quality body wash. The main ingredients, seaweed and sea buckthorn, contain antioxidants ideal for repairing and protecting your skin, and the parsley seed and lavender additions produce a subtle masculine scent. Finally, the rapeseed is great for hydrating deep down into the base layers of your skin.

The first thing I noticed was the old-skool medicine bottle design, which is certainly a modern and contemporary aesthetic used in all sorts of environments these days. It does make it difficult to read the label but there’s probably not much chance you’ll mistake this for your children’s Calpol.

There’s a very slight tingling sensation on the skin and together with the scent, Haeckels really does awaken your senses. A note on the aroma though, it may not be everyone’s favourite, and certainly is not what I was expecting when I opened the bottle for the first time. Fear not though, the lavender scent doesn’t linger on your skin!.

You can enjoy this whether you use it liberally with a soft sponge or something more exfoliating, and no matter your skin type or concern, this will certainly be a solid choice for your next bleary-eyed morning.

Available for £34 at shop-beast.com for 300ml.