Hair and Grooming Trends from LFWM

By Adam Thursday 25th Jan, 2018

There was plenty to admire and absorb when it came to grooming and hairstyle trends at the recent London Fashion Week Mens. In the midst of the urban and street dominance, we collaborated with Gillette to uncover a few tasty trends that would certainly work for a dapper chapper.

One quick point to touch on: The Scandinavian brand, Tonsure, who endorse sleek and minimalistic vibes though their apparel, replicated this through their model’s hair. It was all about endorsing individual style, and it put the thought into my head that it’s imperative we all back our own style…just remember to do your hair in a way that compliments your face shape; but you knew that anyway right?

Sweep It Back Now Y’All

The swept back look was consistent throughout the weekend and played a particularly prominent role in Oliver Spencer’s show, which showcased high-quality tailoring with a contemporary edge. Chappers, you’ll need mid to long hair to emulate this style, but it’s definitely going to be in vogue this year so give it a whirl. What’s more, it’ll look sensational as the wind blows through your locks on the shores of the Cote D’Azur this summer.

Buzz It

The buzzcut is no longer just an inexpensive way to maintain your lid; they’re officially back. Contemporary style pioneers, such as Zayn Malik and Frank Ocean, began donning these in 2016, and now it seems lots of people have jumped on the band-wagon. They can look super slick, especially when faded into a solid beard (Justin Timberlake is smashing this look at the moment). What’s more, they add a real sharpness to your get up, especially when doing up that top button and donning a tie, as everything is kept extra tight.

Let It Grow, Let It Grow

In contrast to the buzzcut, growing hair out was also a popular choice amongst LFWM’s DC’s and it’s got a lot to do with one of our favourite chappers, Mr David Beckham. Not only has he somewhat instigated the long hair revolution but he’s opened the door to the slightly older gent. I.e. those who think long locks is a young man’s game, you’re wrong! Please remember though; you must take care of it!

Crop It

The fantastic London based brand, What We Wear, headed up by a fellow dapper chapper, Tinie Tempah, brought the crop to the fore. Alongside the brand’s chic and stylish urban vibe, was a recurring flash of cropped hair, which could be your route into trying new and exciting things in 2018. It’s a fantastic look and it will keep you in contemporary check- just think short on the sides and texture on top. 

Tapering the Long Beard

The long beard has had a damn good run. After dominating 2016 thanks to the likes of Ricki Hall and Chris Millington, the Long Beard survived the expected cull in 2017. Although I wouldn’t suggest that it’s time to shave the whole thing off, I think 2018 will see more tapering and less about a big statement.

To create this look, you don’t need to break the bank. We recommend the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler. It operates as a 3-in-1 Razor, Trimmer and Edging Blade and at £17.00 on Amazon at the moment it’s an absolute steal.

Evening Shadow

In recent years there’s been an all-in or all-off approach to beards. The Evening Shadow was style that was popular in the 80’s andwe’re likely to see a resurgence of well kept stubble. It’s also likely to be popular with those follically challenged on the face (like me).

Clean Shaved

Despite all the beard trends, LFWM had one overwhelming leader. Clean shaved faces. This may be due to the fact that it would be a sin to cover the models pointed jaw-lines, but as a clean-shaven man, I like to think that 2018’s biggest beard trend will be to cut it off!

You don’t need to over complicate things here, pick up the Gillette Fusion Pro-Shield Chill Flexball Razor for £8.00 and shave away. It lubricates before and after and the blades shields from irritation of the skin – I guess it isn’t so bad to be follically challenged in 2018 then…