Laboratory Perfumes Samphire No. 3 Review

By Joe Burns Thursday 12th Oct, 2017

Adding to your collection of scents is always fun and can transform an outfit, and your appearance, hugely.

We were approached by Laboratory Perfumes who were keen for us to see, and smell, what they’ve created, and we were only too happy to oblige.

Established just 6 years ago, British born Laboratory Perfumes have created 5 gender-free scents that share one thing in common, they all start with one aroma and are developed into balanced and sophisticated fragrances from there. We tried Samphire, which was based on a single young Verbena leaf, but now it is beautifully complex and refreshing.

Added to the Verbena is a culmination of juniper, citrus oil, lavender basil and rosemary, on top of white amber and oak moss, and all together it creates a long lasting, zesty and bright fragrance ideal in our opinion for warmer months.

The bottle and packaging design is basic and very minimal, but I can only imagine LP are letting the fragrance do the talking. The 100ml bottle does look like a lot of liquid in a clear glass bottle though, and the faint yellow colour doesn’t set it apart from others in the same range, so just make sure you don’t spray the same scent your other half is using!

If you’re keen to try something new, hop over to where you can find out more. Unsure which to try, get all 5 in a tester set for just £18.

Samphire Eau De Toilette is a available for £60 for 100ml.