Highgrove Gin Review

By Adam Tuesday 27th Oct, 2020

Next on the Dapper Chapper Bar is a truly regal creation inspired by the royal gardens at Highgrove.

The gin will be available at Dapper Chapper favourite Fortnum & Mason, which marks another milestone in a long-standing relationship between Fortnum & Mason and the Highgrove Estate, with a number of food and drink items, produced by the Grocer using Highgrove ingredients, already sold in Fortnum’s stores and online.

This very special gin was made using grain grown at Highgrove, the private residence of HRH the Prince of Wales and produced by The Oxford Artisan Distillery – the UK’s first certified organic grain-to-glass distillery. The Master Distiller, Cory Mason, toured the ground with HRH and directly harvested grain from the estate. Following months of recipe development, with HRH part of that tasting process, a number of different taste profiles were sampled and reviewed until the perfect one was chosen.

The gin has base flavours of juniper and citrus with top notes of lemon verbena, thyme and rosemary.

Sweet and lingering, the complex herbal botanicals add layers that give the spirit an elegant aroma and flavour. 

 Perfect Serve: G&T with Lemon Garnish

A classic choice for a classic London Dry style, lemon perfectly complements the herbal botanicals of Lemon Verbena, Thyme and Rosemary, without interrupting the gin’s perfect balance.

£39.95 at Fortnum & Mason  – All profits from sales go to the Prince of Wales’ Charitable Fund.