Percy Nobleman Beard Products

By Gary Dennis Friday 17th Apr, 2015

This week a selection of beard products have made their way up the winding stairs of the Dapper Chapper offices and onto the hairy face of your bearded blogger in the fetching form of UK based brand, Percy Nobleman. We have tried out the variety of beard products that Mr Nobleman has to offer. These include; beard oil, beard wash and beard balm. All quality beard products at a good price.


First up, is the Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil (100ml). No bearded Chapper should go without a good beard oil. Beard oil not only prevents itchiness and dryness, but also moisturises the beard, giving a good shape and style. Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil is full of beard softening ingredients such as jojoba and almond oils, as well as our good friend Argan oil. The oil should be applied in a small amount, through the roots to the tip – this will make sure that all of the strands are covered to make the beard feel smooth.


Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil is priced at £19.99

We also have Percy Nobleman’s Beard Balm (77g). The Patchouli and cedar wood scented balm is a great addition to any beard that is bristly or coarse. It provides protection from the elements and gives the beard a soft hold. Once you have scrapped off a small amount with the back of your finger nail it is easily malleable in your hands, unlike some other beard balms on the market, and can be worked through with ease. We would advise that once you have apply the Percy Nobleman’s Beard Balm to run a comb through your beard to make sure that the balm has been applied evenly so you can style as you so wish. Percy Nobleman offer a handmade wooden comb made from Tropical Pud wood that, if treated correctly, will last you until your beard has turned a snowy white. And if it is already a snowy white, you rock!

Percy Nobleman’s Beard Balm is priced at £16.99

Percy Nobleman’s Beard Comb is priced at £11.99


Last but by no means least, what is the point of all these luxurious products being worked through your beard if you can’t give it a good old wash so that you can start the process all over again. This is where Percy Nobleman’s Beard Wash (100ml) comes in. Treat this citrus scented wash just like shampoo, but for the lower part of your noggin’. Just a few drops once a day will clean your beard from any dirt and grime, as well as leave it feeling stronger. Ensuring this is the first part of your morning routine will make the application of the Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil and Percy Nobleman’s Beard Balm a much simpler process.

Percy Nobleman’s Beard Wash is priced at £16.99

Also in the Percy Nobleman’s range: Percy Nobleman’s Moustache Wax and Percy’s Essential Bundle.

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