Billion Dollar Smile Kit Review

By Adam Monday 13th Aug, 2018

Over the last fortnight, I have been trialing some teeth whitening products from Billion Dollar Smile which promises an easy and gentle solution to achieve an Instagram worthy smile.

I have been looking at different teeth whitening options for some time and thus far been skeptical about going to the dentist for a full-whitening for two main reasons, a) the sensitivity it may cause and b) upfront cost.

Teeth whitening strips have worked well for me in the past and I have found them to be easy to use and have given me an improvement to the shade, however, the solution has always been short term.

Billion Dollar Smile’s mini-light kit was the first thing I wanted to try which uses the power of LED light technology (you may have seen the snap-chat ads) to accelerate the whitening process which cuts down on treatment time. Ideal for anyone like me who are short for time and want quick results.

The gel removes the stains and whitens the teeth without damaging tooth enamel – which is what causes sensitivity. The gel formula contains the added natural benefits of Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile and is quite pleasant to use.

To supplement this, I’ve been using their Tooth Polish which can be used as an everyday toothpaste even for people with sensitive teeth. I started using this for a week prior to using the LED kit and didn’t notice a huge change but combining the two works well. Containing Coconut Oil, Activated Charcoal, and Pineapple Enzymes to help with the whitening process you can also leave the Tooth Polish on the teeth for up to 1 minute for extra stain removal.

The Led set is £39.99 and the Polish is £10.99