Don Papa Rum Sample Kit

By Rashpal Amrit Tuesday 19th Dec, 2017

Don Papa Rum has been taking the spirits world by storm, a premium aged rum from the Philippines and created on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kanlaon. Don Papa is a tribute to Papa Isio the real leader from the island of Negros, Phillipines.

Dapper Chapper has kindly given us a tasting kit to try Don Papa Rare Cask, as you can see from the images we were in for a real treat. The Phillipines has a long history for cultivating sugar cane which was first discovered centuries ago in Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands. These flavours are at the heart of Don Papas mix which range from vanilla, honey and candied fruits.

Don Papa is available in both No.7, 10-Year-Old and Rare Cask Varieties, having tasted allĀ of these at Don Papas workshop I can say these definitely need to be at the top of your Christmas shopping list. I would try the No. 7 first as its light and fruitier, the 10-Year-Old is more richer and powerful so connoisseurs might be tempted by this variety.

Learn more about Don Papa Rum here