Proverb Skincare Review

By Joe Burns Friday 5th Jan, 2018

I’ve tried numerous skincare products over the years and some have lasted longer in the cabinet than others. 

Choosing the right product for your skin can be a difficult task and can be frustrating, not what you need when you’re trying to smooth out those lines!

So being an open minded chap, I was interested to see how the line of products from Proverb stacked up against my reliable regime.

For customers, their service is built upon a mobile app, where you can get tailored advice and a routine to match your lifestyle, plus you can re-order the products as and when you need them, saving you time and hassle. 

Proverb kindly sent us a box of four key items with some instructions on how best to use them, and here’s what I discovered:

First up is the Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud – quite a thick formula used to cleanse the face first. Its texture means it feels deeply nourishing when rubbed into the skin, but it also means it doesn’t wash off easily without a flannel or sponge. I have to say it does leave your skin feeling like you’ve had a moisturising mask treatment – quite unique in that sense.

It’s also said to work as a shave cream, and although it does allow for quite a smooth shave, I certainly prefer using a cream, soap or gel designed specifically for shaving that lathers up more.

Once your face is clean, you can then apply the Strengthening Skin Serum, something I’m not used to using all that often but was keen to try. This acts like a primer before moisturising, and it actually does feel great. It rubs in well and I did get the feeling that I was adding a whole load of goodness into my face.

Once this serum has soaked in (a few seconds), you then apply the moisturiser. I was sent the Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser, but the regular Hydration Pro Moisturiser is available too. This step is one we should all be familiar with, and this particular product also rubbed in well without leaving a greasy look or feeling. I would say that I’d like the pump bottle to deliver a little more each squirt, to suitably cover all my face and neck, just like the cleanser and serum did. 

Finally, to compliment these bathroom products, you then take two capsules of the Skin Resistance Training Supplement, a vitamin and nutrient rich item I certainly wasn’t expecting to find included. That being said, I willingly took these for the duration of my time using Proverb, but even if they didn’t turn me into superman, I’m sure my skin benefited even just a little bit. 

The whole package is designed to be used with the Proverb 4x4x4 program – essentially this is a series of four massaging movements to complete whilst you apply the skin care products that takes just 4 minutes. It’s a nice reminder to us guys to take a little care over our morning and evening regime, to get the blood flowing and to soften and even out the muscles in our face and smooth those fine lines. 

Something I’d like to try in the future is the Skin Definition Facial Scrub, it has a whole host of natural ingredients just like the other products, and used once or twice a week, this exfoliates the skin and refreshes your appearance. 

Overall, the Proverb line is very enjoyable to use, it feels very well made and it’s clear they are incredibly passionate about the ingredient choices and the positive results you’ll get. The packaging is premium, the overall aesthetic is professional and invokes a confidence in the results, and the app-based service is unique.