Proverb Hydration Pro Moisturiser Review

By Adam Thursday 2nd Sep, 2021

In the past we’ve taken a look at other Proverb products and always been suitably impressed. This time around, we’ve got the Hydration Pro Moisturiser on review.

Designed for normal to dry skins and it aims to:

– Keep your skin feeling hydrated – reducing wrinkles and fine lines

– Reduce Inflammation – it has extreme anti-oxidant levels to reduce skin inflammation.

– Restore Elasticity – complex amino acids, proteins and plants help to strengthen skin restoring elasticity and preventing wrinkles

Ingredients that read like a Nutribullet. There 13 performance natural ingredients that include Spirulina (fights against cell ageing), Seabuckthorn (rich in omega 7) and Blue Agave (delivering a lifting effect).

For best results you’re recommended to use every morning and evening as part of your skincare program. I used it in the morning after a shower and did feel that it was hydrating which is what I’m after from a moisturiser at that time. I also used it in the evening, which I think it is where it’s most suited. The moisturiser is almost closer to a night cream as it’s fairly thick and indulgent so perfect before bed.

There’s no set ‘scent’ for the product but there are citrus and bergamot notes that are most dominant, quite subtle however.

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