Salt Grooming’s Product Review

By Jack Dignum Saturday 6th Feb, 2021

I’ll be honest: the hair clippers almost came out this week. My locks during lockdown have certainly become more feral than refined, so the temptation for a buzz cut has never been more contemplated. 

However, I decided to dive into the abundance of hair products on the market to see what could tame my mane, rather than embrace the No.1 all over. And thankfully in a sea of putties, gels and waxes, it was Salt Grooming’s Hybrid Hair that came to the surface. It’s also worth noting that this is the brand’s founding product, so I’m excited to see how it differs itself from the rest of the bunch.

What’s in the jar?

Actually, I’ll start with the container itself: a sleek and beautiful porcelain jar that’s fully recyclable; porcelain is a raw material formed from kaolin clay, making it sustainable to manufacture – so I’m told.

Hybrid Hair is a simple yet affective formula, made of unrefined Atlantic sea salt, Icelandic bentonite clay, organic British beeswax, organic Arabian aloe vera and Vitamin E*. This international list of raw and natural ingredients is sustainably sourced, paraben-free and all muddled together here in the UK.

Simple application, lasting results

The Salt Grooming team tell me Hybrid Hair is “designed to give an all-day hold with a natural finish; Spreads easily and thickens hair; softens and smooths flyaway strands; and absorbs excess oils and grease.” So after a thorough scrub and condition, I take about a pea-sized pinch of the wax and clay compound, and start to work it through my dried hair.

The product leaves a somewhat sweet scent (opposite to what I thought based on the ingredients) and thankfully leaves hands with almost no sticky after feeling. A gentle gloss and thicker texture, means I now boast a more refined and natural look. It’s really responsive when I rework it too, without losing its hold. But what I’m really impressed with is my usual wayward hairs now look preened and clean; there’s no oily, “slicked back” style, which can often be the case with many wax-based products.

The result

It does exactly what it says on the jar. It’s a lightweight, premium product, that’s just made my morning grooming regime a little easier. And even when my local barber re-opens and I’ve had a cut, I’ll be sure to apply Hybrid Hair on my shorter look, too.

Salt Grooming is clearly focusing on quality than quantity, only releasing products when they have met their premium standards. But I’ll be keeping a close eye on what come’s next, especially as a recent teaser post on their Instagram has hinted to a spray… 

Hybrid Hair – 50ml, £17.99.

*Key Ingredients

Unrefined Atlantic sea salt. The brand’s flagship ingredient. Absorbs excess oils and grease for lightweight texture and volume, whilst also nourishing the hair and scalp with essential minerals. No other styling wax or clay on the market has harnessed this ingredient.

Icelandic bentonite clay. Mined from the earth and formed from rare volcanic ash, this fine ingredient spreads easily through hair, adding thickness and volume to individual hair strands with maximum hold.

Organic British beeswax. Softens hair and smooths flyaway strands, providing a natural finish which reduces the visual presence of product in the hair.

Organic Arabian Aloe Vera. The proteolytic enzymes in Aloe Vera repair dead skin cells on the scalp whilst working as a conditioner.

Vitamin E. A natural antioxidant which supports healthy hair.