First Time Drivers with Aviva

By Rikesh Chauhan Thursday 19th Jul, 2018

Here at The Dapper Chapper, we take cars seriously. There’s something quite satisfying about seeing heads turn as you roll past in a 1930s classic, or a contemporary supercar.

That being said, nothing will ever beat your first love. The first time you adjusted the seat, sorted out the mirrors, fastened your seatbelt and drove off (somewhat cautiously) in a car you could officially call your own. As a new driver, there’s always the added pressure of ensuring you don’t get into any mishaps when taking to the roads. It’s understandable to be nervous, and that’s why the good people over at Aviva have created an app designed especially for you – the first time driver. The app allows you to monitor your driving skills, save money on insurance and it even has an integrated dash cam. Win-win-win, if you ask us.

Having received driving lessons as a present from my family as soon as I turned 18, I subsequently went off to university in London and therefore never really needed to drive. I eventually took it up at the ripe old age of 25, somehow managing to fail my theory on the first attempt. After wallowing in self-pity for a couple weeks, I took to the books and scored full marks in my second, enabling me to pass my driving test on my first go with only two minors. Hurrah!

Like many others, driving fast became one of my favourite things to do. Payments, on the other hand, were an entirely different matter. It’s incredibly frustrating knowing that your insurance costs more than the car itself – all the more reason I wish I knew about Aviva back then.

 Having spoken to a few other dapper-looking gents with a penchant for motorcars, we got them to share a few fun moments they had as first time drivers:

Mr. Dapper Chapper himself, Adam Tanous, reflects, “I passed the theory first time and practical second time round, so all-in-all a pretty straight forward route. Upon receiving the good news I headed straight to a local garage with my parents to purchase a blacked-out Ford K.A with, may I add, a sub-woofer. Since, my taste has become a little more acquired and I’ve enjoyed campaigns with the likes of Maserati, Mercedes and Jaguar through The Dapper Chapper Blog”.

Architect and model, Mr. Timothy James, shared his experience on learning to drive and offers some sound advice, “Don’t make the mistakes of learning with a loved one. I once had lessons from my father and also once gave lessons to an ex-girlfriend….an absolute recipe for disaster. Get yourself a qualified instructor from the start and save yourself from the barrage of arguments!” Wise words.

To all new drivers out there, it’s worth being savvy when it comes to your car insurance. With prices bordering on astronomical at times, a little saved month-by-month can add up to quite the significant amount in the long-term. Think smart, be safe, and happy driving!

Read more about Aviva’s car insurance, and download the app: Aviva

Blog developed in collaboration with Aviva