The Dapper Chapper Coffee Table with Camerich

By Robert Etheridge Thursday 25th May, 2017

The coffee table: a focal point; the life and soul of the party but equally happy propping up a book and a hot beverage on a rainy Sunday, these four-legged companions are more dependable than a golden retriever.

The role furniture plays in our daily life can easily be overlooked. Personally, I find it’s the quieter moments when we take stock and absorb the design of our homes most; when we take ourselves away from bustle of our everyday lives. This could be finding a quiet spot in the office or a quiet, tech-free area of the home, but it’s certain that our mood will always be influenced by the design around us, whether that’s colour, shape, texture or materials.

So this is important stuff. It’s scientifically proven that living in a cluttered environment causes stress, and the furniture designers at Camerich have come up with the perfect antidote. Their design philosophy is ‘less is more’, and it works. Created around people with active, demanding lifestyles, the premium styles, fabrics and finishes of Camerich furniture combine to bring a sense of calm.

Returning to the loyal coffee table, and taking a break from it all, we’ve selected a few that make great centerpieces. Of course, they’re not all four-legged – or traditional – because Camerich offers a broad range of styles for contemporary homes. There are our favourites:


Enzo – from £444


This elegant coffee table contrasts metal legs with a walnut or dark walnut finish. The Enzo is minimal but has feeling of solidity from the slightly recessed surface, trimmed also in walnut. The smaller matching bedside tables complement americh’s extensive range of beds and offer drawers for storage.

Frame – from £678

For fans of cubism, the Frame coffee table is the obvious choice. In striking black walnut with a contrasting but subtle white or red lacquer, Frame is an elegant centrepiece for any room.

Hanna – from £436

The Hanna table adds the opulence of marble to the simplicity and modernity of the metal stand. Perfect for a smaller space and versatile, the Hanna would fit beautifully next to a bed or sofa.

Lotus – from £803

Playful and ergonomic in equal measure, the taller platform of this beautiful brown walnut Lotus table swivels to add interest to your focal point. We love the use of shape and curves, and the ability to adjust the design.

Jane – from £1,006

A real design statement, the eco leather Jane coffee table takes elements of contemporary sculpture and combines them with function. The ‘V’ shape also acts as a storage solution for magazines and coffee table books

If you’re new to Camerich, a coffee table would be a great place to start introducing the collection to your home. Why not pair one with Camerich’s Lazytime sofa? And, when you want to be completely minimal, the Max bookcase offers display space and storage in equal measure. In black walnut, it’s a truly striking piece.

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