The ABC of Lululemon

By Alex Noble Wednesday 13th Dec, 2017

Fitness is very much like fashion when it comes to trends; Last year’s sweet potato is this year’s avocado (Do not get me started on those smoothie bowls) whilst bodypump has been given the cold shoulder in favour of yoga in 2017. 

Anyway, on the topic of yoga, I’ve often listened to friends harp on about its benefits: ‘Seriously old boy, the good lady and I started yoga-ing last month and the results have been bloody terrific, you should see what she can do…’ It was at that moment I cut him off; I’d barely finished my breakfast. 

Anyway, long story short, I was eventually convinced to take to the matt, remove my socks and brogues, and head along to a class. Now, I don’t know about you but when I start a new sport or hobby, I like to have all the right gear. E.g. whenever I play tennis, it’s full whites. Every time.

So, I thought I’d kit myself out with some yoga-friendly stash and I must say chaps, Lululemon is the place to go. 


3 letters:

A, B, C = Anti-ball Crushing

Above, is the formula to a healthy and happy yoga class / life. The Lululemon anti-ball crushing pants just make things a lot more enjoyable, because let’s be serious, it’s pretty difficult to reach your inner zen when your crown jewels feel like they’ve been put in a vice.

Strength to be, is the first men’s collection the brand have delivered and I must say, it’s a cracking inaugural attempt. Not only are the pieces fantastic but they’ve acknowledged the changing perspectives surrounding modern day masculinity and endorse the idea of men fully expressing themselves. What’s more, mental strength is something lots of men suffer with, so innovating a product range that encourages peace of mind is a fantastic idea. Well done chaps!

The ABC pants really were a Dapper Chapper favourite. Their versatility is endless, so they’re ideal for yogey-ing around, working out, relaxing, and travelling (they’ve even got a hidden pocket for your passport)! Gone with the days when travel required your smartest apparel – these days comfy is the (downward) dogs bo**ocks, and wow, the ABC pants are comfy. 

So, I suggest you break those masculine stereotypes, get yourself a mat and head to Lululemon for your gear; I’d say it’s about time you gave #yoga a try.