OHMME: Yoga Apparel Review

By Alex Noble Thursday 18th Jan, 2018

I was thinking the other day, us British chaps still are a little too stiff upper lip when it comes to trying new things and embracing new cultures and trends. Let’s face it, here’s plenty of us who’d have held on to a Nokia 33-10 and a Windows 97′ desktop if work and modern society would’ve allowed it.

One rapidly-emerging fitness trend that has seemed to almost split us blokes down this middle, is yoga. There’s those who love it and those who see it as a waste of time (Henry VIII was a fat bastard but still had 6 wives – why do I need to do some stretching in order to simply remain fit and healthy).

If you’re the latter, wise up old boy!

We can then split the yoga lovers (or yogi)  into two groups – those who plan what they’re going to wear the night before and those who will wear the same exercise t-shirt for the whole week – ‘Who cares, it’s already sweaty…’ Everybody around you, that’s who!

Well, to the first group, you’re going to love this brand and the second, do us a favour and please buy from this brand so we stop suffering from your lack of hygiene.


This brand has been created by a chap who used yoga as a way of removing himself from the stresses of uni – a method that worked extremely well. He wanted to use his positive experience to help others get involved with this therapeutic practice, and so created a masculine clothing line to try and encourage male participation.

Not only does the kit look great, but it feels fantastic too, so you get maximum comfort and stretch when you’re nailing your poses.

The clothing is designed so that it’s tight and loose in all the right areas, and what’s more, you won’t get sweat patches – hoorah!

What pieces did we fall for..?

On Top:

The Cobra Bamboo T-Shirt is designed to stay in place during inversions, and is well fitted, whilst looking and feeling amazing! A point of note is that it’s tighter around the waist so it won’t fall on your face while upside down or in downward dog (we know the lingo old boy). This particular top is made from Bamboo and could be worn leisurely, as well as in the studio.

The Cobra Yoga T-Shirt is a fantastic top for any form of exercise due to it’s sweat-wicking material, meaning the moisture in the top evaporates more quickly – in short, if you’re an overly sweaty bugger, this may just help you hide it – odour free too, which is always a winner.

Down Below:

The 2-dogs lined men’s yoga shorts are stretchy and silky, and are lined with a soft compression layer that provides total freedom of motion and excellent blood flow. They almost feel like an extra layer of skin, so you’re free to focus entirely on your workout and nail your form.

The Dharma Graphite pants are a yogi’s dream, as they’re designed for maximum comfort and support without bunching up. They also give you grip during balances and twists, as well as all-round excellent mobility thanks to the sturdy stretchy material, strong seams, and the reinforced gusset panel around the crotch. Our editor Adam has lived in these ever evening since he got them…

So, if you’re a yogi and have been looking for the ideal workout kit, or want to take it up and be the chap with all the gear and no idea, head to OHMME.