Half Hitch Gin

By Neil Brotherston Friday 23rd Oct, 2015

We’re always on the look out for something that breaks the status quo here at the Dapper Chapper HQ. Drinks that make you stop and think and ask why that hasn’t been done before or that have such ridiculous sounding ingredient combinations that you just have to try them to settle your sense of intrigue.

Our friends at 31 Dover UK’S leading online drinks vendor have brought a number of interesting suggestions to the table.

Whether it be Monkey 47 Gin, with an incredible 47 different botanicals or Babicka Vodka made using an age old Czech witchcraft recipe, or The Kraken Black Spiced Rum, designed to replicate the dark black ink of the mythical Kraken sea monster – we like to think we offer you guys something a little different.

But this time, we think we’ve found something even better. A combination of ingredients that sounds ridiculous, but tastes incredible. Indeed these two particular ingredients that somehow work together, as individuals are two of the staple ingredients to any Dapper Chappers daily routine – English Tea & Gin. There are of course other Tea infused Gins out there, like Beefeater 24, but this one grabs our attention due to its English Heritage and History.

Now I know what you’re thinking – this is just a gimmick to allow them to play on the G&T name-tag. Indeed, you’d be half right….they have played on the G&T name by making their tagline “The G with Tea” or #TheGwithTea on social media.

However, upon tasting the Gin, you become immediately aware that this is no gimmick. This actually works…..and it works very well.

Half Hitch is distilled in Camden, London, in The Vaults – harking back to a time when this was a buzzing mecca of Gin production, from where the popular drink was transported around the world from the town’s famous canal system.

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The Gin is blended with Black tea and bergamot, which certainly give it a very distinctive flavour.  There is no doubting that upon tasting this gin, you can immediately taste the Black tea. It really does bring with it a distinctive flavour, that it may take some a little time to get used to – but it combines perfectly with the citrusy bergamot to create something of a taste sensation in the mouth, that leaves behind a pleasant dry peppery taste.

By it’s very nature, with the strong flavour profile of the Black Tea, Half Hitch can be a difficult spirit to balance in cocktails, as the tea can often dominate the other flavours.
As such, our favourite drink with Half Hitch, is quite simply a G&T – or as they would put it A G with Tea. It really does add a new element to the traditional G&T that we are very much on board with.

Half Hitch and Tonic

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50ml Half Hitch Gin

125ml Premium English Tonic Water

1x peel of orange zested directly over the drink and dropped in

Build in a rocks glass with ice and garnish with the orange zest. Stir and serve.

Half Hitch is available at 31 Dover for £39.95