Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated

By Adam Tuesday 21st Nov, 2017

Last week we attended Sotheby’s to check our the Contemporary Curated exhibition.

It was to preview the auction this week, that will give a chance to young collectors to experience a Sotheby’s buying art-buying experience. In the month, where £400,000,000 was spent on a painting, this collection of art is fair more accessible, with some pieces valued at just a few-hundred pounds.

The collection does also include more premium artworks including pieces by Andy Warhol & Banksy.

The collection was curated by the creative expertise of Tank Magazine’s Fashion Director and CEO Caroline Issa. In an exercise in fantasy collecting, Issa has hand-picked a selection of her favourite artworks from Sotheby’s forthcoming Contemporary Curated sale in London on November 21.

Not only is Issa a formidable businesswoman who has excelled in the fields of management consultancy, pblishing, and the creative industries, she is a permanent fixture on the world’s ‘best-dressed’ lists and a lifelong advocate of the arts. At Tank Magazine, she has collaborated with artists including Laure Prouvost, Thomas Demand, Hito Steyerl and Torbjørn Rødland. Issa insists that the two disciplines are inextricably linked: ‘fashion exists in art and art in fashion’.

Find out more about the auction, which kicks off today at Sotherby’s