The Nissan Leaf – Zero Emissions Electric Vehicle

By Alex Noble Thursday 19th Apr, 2018

In the last decade, the world has experienced some mind-boggling transitions and technological breakthroughs that have sought to enhance the lives of humans and also extend the life of Mother Earth. I’d be the first to admit that advances are being made at a startling rate and it can be bloody tough to keep up with everything at times!

Admittedly, some ‘advances’ have been more successful than others but the introduction of electronic cars has been a huge success. Of course, first there came the hybrid, which the Americans loved but Jeremy Clarkson, (who I’d say represents the views of much of the British population) was repelled by.

The Nissan Leaf

Nissan then dipped their toe in the Electric pool with zero emissions vehicles when they launched the LEAF in 2010, which was received extremely well by the public, and has sold 300,000 vehicles since. They’ve now launched the new and improved LEAF model, which launched this year and I must say, it’s a real environmental and automotive triumph.

‘This all-new model offers even greater range, improved dynamic design, class leading advanced driver assistance technologies and enhanced connectivity.’

The LEAF has become the fastest selling electronic vehicle in Europe, and as of March 21st, there has been 20,000 orders, which worked out at one being sold every 12 minutes! The stats don’t lie chappers; the LEAF is the next generation of this world-leading, best-selling, zero emissions vehicle.

If you’ve never dabbled in the electric market, or ventured on a trip in a zero emissions vehicle, I must say it’s a very smooth and silent ride. The newly released LEAF, combines this subtlety, with sleek style and design, making it a very fitting selection for a Dapper Chapper.

Dapper Features

  • Driving Centric Interior: A relaxed ambiance and high quality feel 
  • Pro Pilot: High speed cruising scenarios or heavy traffic automatic driving
  • Pro Pilot Park: Hands off, feet off, parallel parking assistance
  • e-Pedal: acceleration, deceleration and full stop with the simple increase or decrease of the pressure applied to the accelerator
  • On Point Infotainment: Climate control | DAB Radio | Apple CarPlay | Bluetooth

Battle the city smog, the never-ending noise pollution and the harmful fossil fuels by treating yourself to a purchase that will take you and the environment into a new age. This is a car for a Dapper Chapper.